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The best work comes from beautiful smart people. Intelligent folk who are empowered with the latest technology, as much data as they can get their hands on, and a steady supply of snack food. You need digital marketing innovators (read: us). ymarketing connects the dots and utilizes insights to produce measurable, scalable results. Our goal is to adjust your sales curve, to stretch your vertical in order to accommodate unprecedented success.


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This is how we see ourselves. Though we didn't put "cute" or "cool" on the list,
we like to think you'll think they should be there.


We get it. We have a breadth of knowledge born of experience. We are driven to learn new things and apply what we have learned to the work we do for you.


We love what we do. We are totally invested, actively pushing to produce the best work possible.


We are fun people who genuinely like working with each other and with our clients. If it looks like we're having a good time, it's because we are.


We trust and respect the contributions and accountability of each person on our team.


We are socially responsible and focused on "paying it forward" — locally and globally.


If you work with us you will likely spend a lot of time talking to some of these people.
Hopefully you find their faces satisfactory.





Ryan Lash was forged in the suburbs north of Chicago. He ventured towards Southern California when he attended the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC and later graduated from the Marshall School of Business with a degree in Business Administration, emphasis in Entrepreneurship and a minor in the Music Industry.

After incubating ymarketing in 2002, Ryan’s days were focused on growing the company. Today he spends most of his time thinking about the future. By collaborating with team leads, he collectively supports them to ensure each day is better than the last.

Ryan's obsession with the connection between English and mathematics began as a child when he had a fever. Unable to do much else, he would count the characters of various words on his fingers, a compulsion that led him down the path he continues on to this day.



Chief Operating Officer


BRIAN YUN  |  Chief Operating Officer

Brian Yun was born and raised in Chicago and graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst. He got his Bachelor of Science with a Major in Economics, allowing him to get a big picture-view of business as a whole. The sense of community Brian found in California persuaded him to stick around (the sunshine didn't hurt).

As a partner and the Chief Operating Officer of ymarketing since 2004, Brian wears many hats. If you're in the office and he isn't in a meeting, you may find Brian planning some community outreach, plotting a bit of internal tomfoolery, or playing on his guitar.

If you want to be Brian's best friend, invite him to your house to watch Discovery Channel or MTV reality shows or take him to a restaurant he's never heard of.



Chief Relationship Officer


JENNIFER JEE  |  Chief Relationship Officer

Jennifer Jee is an asset to ymarketing, providing a great supply of both knowledge and laughter. Drawing upon her wealth of experience in client services, she brings an unrivaled sense of confidence, professionalism, and practicality to the office.

Since starting with us in early 2012, Jennifer has maintained a highly productive and energetic marketing experience. As Chief Relationship Officer, she leads her Client Services team through successful brand management, effective communication, and strategic issues management.

If you stop by our office to see Jen there's a pretty good chance you'll find her rocking out to Journey.



Director, Corporate Social Responsibility


EDNA MUNOZ  |  Director, Corporate Social Responsibility

Edna Munoz is a San Diego native and refuses to live anywhere outside Southern California (which seems understandable). Her reason for staying? Aside from the weather, people, food, and general pleasantness: amazing sunsets.

As the person in charge of ymarketing's Corporate Social Responsibility, Edna ensures that the company does right by their employees, who she considers her extended family, as well as have a positive, lasting impact on the community.

What does Edna do when she's not saving the planet? Yoga. Lots of yoga.



Creative Director


DJ GRIMES  |  Creative Director

DJ Grimes was born in Washington D.C. He took quickly to music, learning harp, piano, guitar, and drums to name a few. The child of a "Mad Man" father and musician mother, creativity is in DJ's genes.

As ymarketing's Creative Director, DJ spends most of his time surfing. The rest of the day he manages his team through aspects of conceptual thinking, creative direction, layout, and design for all media, including: interactive, print, direct, experiential and guerilla advertising.

Fun Fact: DJ's band once opened for 311 on the Grassroots Tour.



Director, Technology


GREG WILSON  |  Director, Technology

Greg Wilson grew up in San Diego but relocated to the Orange County/Los Angeles area for work (if you've ever been to San Diego, you understand his sacrifice). He has been a dedicated musician for most of his life and a freelance motorsports photographer for RACER magazine.

As the Director of Technology for ymarketing, Greg is crucial to our company's growth and success. Under his watch our company has evolved from a staff of eight to sixty, all the while maintaining our in-house infrastructure, development ecosystem, expanded hosting capabilities, and reporting automation. Most recently, Greg guided our company through the rigorous HITRUST certification.

Random Wilson fact: For two years in San Diego, Greg lived on a yacht. That's how he rolled. Err, floated.



VP, Analytics


JOHN GRAMATA  |  VP, Analytics

John Gramata is a descendent of Whittier, California. He received his degree from University of California, Irvine, and has been eating, drinking, breathing, and dreaming of data ever since.

John is ymarketing's Director of Analytics & Insights. He and his team help clients better understand their marketing ecosystem, maximize earnings, maintain cost-efficient conversions, and improve overall ROI. It's very complex but, thankfully, they're very good.

After watching Smokey and the Bandit at a young age, John's dream was to drive a Peterbuilt truck. This remains his dream and, someday, he aims to live it.



Group Account Director


PETER CORSELLO  |  Group Account Director

Peter Corsello is ymarketing's resident Yankees fan. Born, raised, and dedicated to all things New York, Peter remains in California only for the weather. Though he started a career in the culinary arts, Peter shifted to marketing after falling in love with the timeless Absolut Vodka print campaigns, which he still collects.

Peter does a lot of things around the ymarketing office: he enjoys making jokes that are not technically against any HR policies, provides mixed drink advice (Peter is an enthusiastic bartender), and also happens to be an excellent Account Director.

One time, at The Oscars, Peter stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Mike Myers in the restroom.



Account Director


WILLIAM ERIMAN  |  Account Director

William Eriman grew up in Harbor City in the South Bay area. He graduated from Cal State University Fullerton and never left Orange County. Depending on his mood, you may find William surfing at the Manhattan Beach Pier, or coaching both his son's and daughter's basketball teams.

Will has over fifteen years of experience collaborating with some of the best businesses in advertising. As an Account Director for ymarketing, he collaborates with clients and creative on various ad campaigns, marketing programs, and fundraising efforts.

You may recognize William from his time as a dancer on the The Party Machine with Nia Peeples from 1991. Yes, seriously.



Associate Media Director


CARLOS HERNANDEZ  |  Associate Media Director

Carlos Hernandez is a Los Angeles native and has a Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Marketing from UC Riverside. Originally his love for dinosaurs led him to believe he'd be a paleontologist, but Ross from Friends ruined that as he seemed far too boring.

Carlos has worked in both national and regional media for over a dozen years in multiple industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, agricultural/trade, and education/higher learning. As an Associate Media Director at ymarketing, Carlos is integral to the balance of traditional and digital media accounts.

Carlos keeps a bottle of Tapatio on his desk. And in his car. And in his wife's purse. Because you never know.



Director | Digital Production


FALON FISCHMANN  |  Director | Digital Production

Falon Fischmann grew up in Irvine, CA and graduated from USC with a degree in Urban Planning and Development. She started her career in a hardhat, working on active job sites, but found her true calling in digital marketing a handful of years later.

Falon is ymarketing's Associate Director of Digital Production. That fourteen-syllable title means Falon leads our team of Digital Producers as they manage the client projects that require creative and technological resources. With over 12 years experience, she's gotten pretty great about delivering quality, on-time, and in-budget deliverables to our partners.

Falon's favorite food is Thai and her favorite Thai restaurants are in Germany, Barbados, and India. She readily accepts dinner from those who would challenge these ratings.



Earned Media Director


MANNY CORTEZ  |  Earned Media Director

Manny Cortez hails from Maywood in South East Los Angeles. He graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in English Literature. What does one do with an English Literature degree, you ask? Social media, that's what.

As the Associate Director of Digital Content Marketing, Manny has established several strategic processes for our growing clientele's social channels, SEO, and content development. He works every day leading his team as they develop curated content across a variety of industries.

Manny once accidentally smuggled a ferret from Nevada to California. Accidentally.



Associate Media Director


SHANNON BARTHOLEMY  |  Associate Media Director

Shannon Bartholemy grew up in Anaheim and graduated from Cal State University Long Beach. She is a big fan of most outdoors activities, including camping, gardening, and most things beach related. This has proven particularly difficult since she is allergic to most things.

As ymarketing's Associate Media Director, Shannon builds effective strategies designed to achieve particular client goals. Her 12 years of experience in the healthcare, financial, automotive, restaurant, and travel industries, make Shannon a crucial component of the ymarketing team.

If you want Shannon to like you, an offering of Hello Kitty or Wonder Woman would go a long way.



Human Resources Director


STACIE CONDURACHI  |  Human Resources Director

Stacie Condurachi grew up in Orange County and refuses to leave (tru dat). She, her husband, daughters, five siblings, and all of their progeny (28 in total!) live near here and get together often. When she's not hanging out with her enormous family, Stacie enjoys watching Supercross (GO Reed!).

As the HR Manager, Stacie is a PTA mother for 60+ employees. She crafts an office culture of fun and compassion, serves as the in-office therapist, and brand ambassador as she constantly seeks out new and exciting potential team members to continue enhancing ymarketing's depth.

Stacie met her husband on Match.com and married him in Mexico a year and a half later. See? Online dating can work.


Debrianna Obara

VP, Media


Debrianna Obara  |  VP, Media

Debrianna Obara was born in New York and raised in Croton-on-Hudson in Westchester County. She graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Journalism. And now, thankfully, hangs out with the rest of us in Orange County.
As our VP, Media, Debrianna directs ymarketing’s Media practice, bringing deep knowledge of media advancements, strong publisher relationships, and data insights. With over 20 years of media experience, she has built an impressive track record of providing innovative online and offline media opportunities for clients across a myriad of verticals.
Debrianna has shark-caged dived in South Africa, walked with lions in Zimbabwe, and hiked to see the Lowland Mountain Gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo. That’s how she rolls.


Jason Maloney

Managing Director


Jason Maloney  |  Managing Director

Jason Maloney was born and bred in Southern California. He endured endless beautiful days in San Diego before he moved to Los Angeles to study Psychology at UCLA. He continued to UC Irvine where he picked up his MBA.
As ymarketing’s Managing Director, Jason coordinates all new business efforts. His career to now has encompassed both agency and client-side roles where he has advocated for the customer on behalf of brands like Land Rover, Jaguar, Callaway Golf, Roy’s Restaurants, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
When he’s not doing his marketing thing, you can find him with his family at a court or field somewhere in Orange County.


Good Works

There are a lot of great ways to give back to the community.
When you work with us, you support these efforts. Win/win.

ymarketing presents a $4,020 check to Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) at our annual retreat.

Fun(draising) for #Movember. Some of us can't grow beautiful beards, but all of us can look good trying.

ymarketing proudly supports Autism Speak's Light It Up Blue event for autism awareness. #LIUB

Learn a bit about FOCUS, ymarketing's mentorship program for digitally-minded high schoolers.

Every week ymarketing partners with Caterina's Club to feed hundreds of local children through PASTARS.

Corporate Social Responsibility: At ymarketing we believe in leaving a positive, lasting impact in our community. We support local businesses, charitable organizations, and environmental improvement efforts. Our agency utilizes many sustainable resources across every facet of our business to cultivate our green initiative. And we empower our team, as residents of our community, to help us continually discover exciting stewardship opportunities. While our ethical investments are diverse in execution, they are singular in focus: to make our community a place for all to thrive.