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yWeekly news: January 11th

Posted by YM Social on January 12, 2016 Engine Optimization

Bing search results are now live on AOL. 

The ten year partnership, which was announced last year kicked off on Jan 1st with Bing now controlling AOL’s web, mobile and tablet search providing paid search ads and algorithmic organic search results to AOL’s properties.


Digital Intelligence

The Digital Analytics Association  is hosting an upcoming symposium in LA.

Sessions include topics regarding data integrity, testing, product promotions, and multi-channel mapping.

Theme of the symposium (personalization) is still a holy grail among marketers and while efforts have been made to strive for the right message at the right time to the right person, there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done to bring the dream into fruition

Expert practitioners will be speaking and will also be available for questions on their own personal experience and best practices

Although not explicitly stated, many of the topics covered have direct relevance to PPC, Display, SEO and Social Media.


Performance Media

Bing announced a 10-year search partnership deal with AOL last June.

It’s official now. Bing currently powers AOL’s web, mobile, and tablet search as of last week.

Bing Ads are now enabled for AOL search traffic worldwide. Extends the reach and growth volume for all advertisers. Allow advertisers to reach a desired audience with AOL’s many established websites (ex: The Huffington Post).


Social Media

Snapchat Lets Publishers Link Directly To Their Discover Content on Facebook, Twitter

Snapchat is now letting publishers link directly to their Discover content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and around the Web. This is a larger step in making it easier for publishers and Snapchat stars to draw traffic to the app from around the Web.

This has the possibility to dramatically increase traffic and users of the Snapchat App making it an attractive social marketing platform for the right demographic.


Display Media

LiveRail will be exiting the ad serving business.

The video ad server, SSP, and publisher monetization platform will be no more.

Facebook, who acquired LiveRail in 2014, has chosen to do this in order to focus on more profitable areas of business. This includes the Facebook Audience Network, which had about $1 billion in ad spend in Q4 2015.

Existing LiveRail customers will be migrated onto alternative ad servers or other publisher offerings from Facebook.

LiveRail, highlights Facebook’s current movement to expand its mobile ad network. The number of apps in this network has grown 10x year-over-year and now accounts for 6 percent of total time spent in mobile apps.

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yWeekly news: October 16

Posted by YM Social on October 16, 2015

rDa_CpqYSearch Engine Optimization

Gary Illyes  from Google  confirmed  a few things  at SMX East :

–        John Mueller’s prior announcement of a coming Penguin update.

–        Announced that the next Penguin update is in the “foreseeable future”.  SERoundtable speculates that it may come as early as  within the next few weeks.

–        He also stated that it should be the real-time/continuous version that we are expecting.

This is a major algorithmic change and it is the first time that the algorithm updates have been in real-time. If you get slammed by Penguin and the algorithm is real-time, as soon as Google processes your link removals  (like disavows  or they are actually removed) you can potentially recover immediately.


Display Media

Google Display Network Will Charge Only For Ads That Are Viewed

In the next several weeks, GDN is moving to 100% viewable. Google will move all CPMs to viewable CPMs in its display ad network.

Definitely a welcome news to advertisers worried about the Google’s stat that 56 percent of online display ads never have a chance to be viewed.  Among the reasons for their invisibility: they are low on a page, they have scrolled out of view or they are in a tab that isn’t activated.

GDN to become one of the only media platforms where advertisers don’t pay for an ad impression unless it was viewable. This means your media dollars will only be spent where they can have impact. In the next few months, all campaigns that buy on a CPM basis will be upgraded to be viewable CPM (vCPM).

With this all advertisers will be able to see viewable metrics so they can make better decisions.


Digital Intelligence

AdBlock Extension is quietly sold to a Mystery Buyer.

40 million users on Chrome & Safari use this extension.

Although there are 2 prevailing AdBlockers, both started as Open Source, but this one is the 2nd most widely used and went private a few years ago (2013).

Nobody pays attention, and since this has more users, it just gets installed more than the others and now some mystery company owns them. You can’t avoid ads because someone will buy the ad blocking company and let their ads through.  What a world we live in.


Performance Media

Google announces Customer Match

Upload Emails Lists for Search, Gmail and YouTube Ad Targeting

Customer Match marks the first time advertisers will be able to set bids and create specific ads tailored to customer audience segments built with first-party data

The ability to set bids and create ad copy based on advertiser data on customers could be more powerful than doing so based on site visitor behavior


Social Media

A slew of small things that are rolling out in the social sphere around Facebook

–        Profile videos:  Facebook is rolling out the ability to update your profile with a 7 second video instead of just a static image

o   Profile videos will allow brands to stand out and grab user’s attentions in newsfeeds, helping to gain engagement and attention. Per the Facebook way, these usually roll out to personal profiles for testing, before integrated into brand pages.

–        Instagram being shown in Facebook settings:  Continuing to lean towards the ability to sync Instagram ads through Facebook ads manager, hints of the integration are showing up in page settings

o   Instagram integration: with 53 percent of Instagram users follow their favorite brands, paired with Facebook’s targeting, Instagram will continue to be a sought after marketing platform

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yWeekly news: August 3

Posted by YM Social on August 3, 2015



Search Engine Optimization

Google’s Panda 4.2 update is rolling out globally.

Google had confirmed the Panda update, but they did not confirm to us the extent of its reach. This means that it is impacting search results worldwide, rather than just results in the U.S. 


Digital Intelligence

Spotify recently bought analytics platform Seed Scientific to quickly stay competitive after Apple got some brand good will at the hands of Taylor Swift. Spotify hopes to better understand how artists, listeners, and brands are interacting with the platform’s streaming music services, as well as gaining insights into their competitors’ user interactions.

Today, the pace of business is so swift that fortunes can and are made and lost in a few seconds. As a result, companies like Spotify must constantly show investors how they can evolve their gains.

Big data capabilities are needed and justified to quickly attract more venture capital and financing. In turn, big data fuels operations and defrays enormous operating costs, including the acquisitions being made in order to help fuel that growth. All of this activity is intended to raise the valuation even more swiftly.

Performance Media

Google announced that they have updated their keyword quality score reporting. The change only affects the numbers that is seen within Adword’s engine. It does not change how the score is calculated or the ad auction.

Previously new keywords without traffic would receive either very high or very low quality scores that are inaccurate. Now quality score for new keywords will always default as 6 (the average for the three components calculated in quality score) until additional traffic comes through to determine the keyword’s true quality score.


Social Media

Facebook is currently testing LinkedIn-style profile tags on user profiles. Profile tags will allow users and their friends to add tags to profiles, which can be made of words, phrases or emojis. Once a tag is approved by the user, it will be visible to the public and listed by the amount of likes by friends

Since “Profile tags are a creative tool that lets you and your friends add tags to your profile to highlight the things that describe you and what you’re into,” it will be interesting to see if/when FB leverages and incorporates these profile tags as future targeting options for social marketers.

This is also a good way to identify potential influencers and tastemakers when looking to launch outreach efforts.

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yWeekly News: March 10

Posted by YM Social on March 10, 2015


Digital Analysis

Adbrain launches Cortex – a data intelligence platform where data and insights gather using Artificial Intelligence. It uses an algorithmic approach to “make sense” of the data systems, audiences, and optimization, and allows insights to be scalable across any platform. Cortex provides the first truly scalable cross-device solution with over 90% mobile match back success.

Display Media

Google now auto-converts Flash display ads to HTML5 for  Mobile and non-Flash supported browsers. Ads will be converted when advertisers upload Flash ads to AdWords directly or through 3rd party tools. Previously, when Flash wasn’t supported, Google displayed a static image and now the ads will display as fully interactive on all devices.

Performance Media

Google Launches First Ever AdWords App on Android. AdWords users can keep an eye on their campaigns from wherever they are and act on things that need attention, such as topping up a budget that’s running out or pausing campaigns during a site outage.

Here is a full list of things you can do on the app:

  • View campaign stats
  • Update bids and budgets
  • Get real-time alerts and notifications
  • Act on suggestions to improve your campaigns
  • Call a Google expert

This app is designed to alert users when an opportunity arises that they can act on. For example, if you can get more impressions by adjusting your bids, the app will let you know so you can make the changes right then and there.

Search Engine Optimization

A new paper published by Google suggests that in the future they could use an alternate means of judging the quality of a website using Knowledge Based Trust instead of links.

The quality of web sources has been traditionally evaluated using exogenous signals such as the hyperlink structure of the graph. We propose a new approach that relies on endogenous signals, namely, the correctness of factual information provided by the source. A source that has few false facts is considered to be trustworthy.”

It’s important to note that in the paper it says these signals would be used in conjunction with existing signals such as PageRank, so this doesn’t mean links are dead.

Social Media

Following suit from Instagram and Twitter, Facebook is purging inactive accounts from their system starting on March 12th

The Good:

  • Because Edgerank factors in “page size vs people engaging” as a page health, the ratio should come closer together and improve page Edgerank overall
  • As a result of the above, we should have more accurate reporting, and overall better page performance metrics

The Bad:

  • A lot of pages will see a drop in total page likes
  • Pages that have used 3rd parties to “buy” fans will likely feel the biggest impact
  • Facebook hasn’t disclosed what it considers “inactive accounts”

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yWeekly News: March 2

Posted by YM Social on March 3, 2015


Display Media

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) just approved its long-awaited network neutrality plan!!!

  • Reclassifies broadband internet as a public utility and gives the agency more regulatory power in the process
  • Also applies to mobile broadband
  • Ban prioritization and the slowdown of lawful content

What is Net Neutrality?

Believers of Net Neutrality believes that all digital content is treated equally by cable companies- which many consider a fundamental freedom. The FCC’s decision could affect the future of digital advertising potentially for the better



Google has announced that mobile friendliness will be a much stronger ranking signal for mobile results beginning April 21 and effective February 26. They will begin to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed. Google improved their ability to index apps and their content, as well as the increasing importance of having a site optimized for mobile users.


Digital Analytics

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference: The who’s who of sports data has descended on Boston to swap tips and tricks on how to use data to win in sports. One of the big themes: player-tracking through RFID (or a few other systems)—see where a player goes, how quickly, whether there’s anything that might be causing inefficiencies.


Performance Media

Google AdWords is introducing Call-Only Campaigns, a way for businesses to display their phone number, business description and a call button right when people search. Call only campaigns are optimized to show only on mobile devices. Google says that 70% of mobile searches call a business directly from search results. With Call only campaigns, one has the ability to bid based on the value of a call. Since every click goes towards a call, you can design bidding strategies based off your CPA or ROAS goals for strictly calls.


Social Media

Twitter unveils two new tracking tools to measure ad ROIs: Transaction Values & Key Conversion Tags, that will allow website owners to see sales that were driven by Promoted Tweets. Both require conversion tags on websites. Tags that were once used for remarketing purposes can be adjusted to track sales figures, enabling marketers to further refine their campaign measurement.

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