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yWeekly news: April 4th

Posted by YM Social on April 4, 2016

y.marketing.colorSearch Engine Optimization

Google has modified the knowledge graph to add a share functionality, along with a globe next to a company URL.

The share feature allows you to easily share the search result on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ or email the link to a friend.  It also provides a custom URL for sharing on other networks.

The globe next to the website is likely designed to make the URL more visible.

This adds a new ability to share knowledge graph items everywhere, increasing user engagement with the Google SERPs.

Source: https://www.seroundtable.com/google-knowledge-graph-panel-share-feature-globe-21855.html


Digital Intelligence

Recent blog post to track Fitbit activity in Google Analytics!

The measurement protocol within GA can be used to track or translate various activities; sending data to GA can allow the blending of various events to provide a holistic picture of user activity

Blog post details a reliance on the service IFTTT (If This Then That): a way to use digital signals to alert an individual, track offline behavior, etc.

Metrics related to goals, calories burned, sleep, drinks and music can all be tracked inside the same GA profile as well!


Note: the service Last.fm, which is illustrated in the blog post to track music, no longer connects to IFTTT

Source: https://www.datarunsdeep.com.au/blog/track-your-life-in-google-analytics/


Performance Media

Google is complete redesigning AdWords! The new platform will make it easier to navigate and use.

Google last updated its platform in 2008. AdWords was initially designed to run in a desktop world. Then new platform will be more Display, Shopping, Mobile and Video friendly

There will be no functionality changes.

The platform is expected to be fully released by the end of 2017. Google will be reaching out to Advertisers for testing and feedback

Source: http://searchengineland.com/adwords-redesign-first-look-246074


Social Media

To help marketers better understand how their ads are doing in the auction, Facebook rolls out Delivery Insights in Ad Manager to help create better performing ads.

It will give insight to why the ad set [targeting level] is underperforming and offers recommendations to optimize targeting for better performance. This feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks and can be found in the “Delivery” column at the campaign & ad set level, and a tab under “Tools” in Ads Manager.

Facebook’s algorithm is a complex… mystery. So getting insight, especially from the horse’s mouth, can really help brands become competitive in the ad auction.

Source: http://marketingland.com/facebook-delivery-insights-how-ads-compete-auction-170018


Display Media

Pandora’s Ad Business and New Developments

Pandora appointed a new CEO, CFO, COO, and CPO to help direct its advertising future, which includes programmatic audio.

Although Pandora’s user growth has stalled, it has increased its ad revenue. This is partially due to its 80 million users, which allows them to talk to advertisers about scale, engagement, and a premium ad serving environment.  In addition, there have been developments regarding Programmatic Audio and utilizing user data to cross-device match.

As technology advances, audio advertising will become a key component in our display advertising campaigns. This can best be utilized in conjunction with mobile to reach new audiences with our messaging.

Source: http://adexchanger.com/ad-exchange-news/after-the-shakeup-key-facts-about-pandoras-ad-business/

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yWeekly news: March 8th

Posted by YM Social on March 8, 2016


Social Media

Twitter’s new algorithmic timeline became available globally.

The new timeline will show a compilation of the best tweets that users missed while they were away from the service. These tweets will appear at the top of the timeline in Twitter’s apps and on the web.

How it’s relevant?

This is important for brands as it still allows marketers to reach their followers even if they are not online, if they typically interact and are interested in the brand.  It places even more importance on brands to put out good engaging content that their target demo will interact with and share.


Twitter announced this morning a new customer service tool, prompting customers to engage with companies via direct messages.

They also launched a way for customers to offer feedback after such an interaction. Businesses can now add a deep link to Tweets that displays a call-to-action button, prompting users to send a direct message.

How it’s relevant?

Customer service on Twitter has grown 2.5x over the past two years, making these tools vital in allowing brands to better talk with customers via Twitter.  This allows brands to more deeply connect with clients and place an ever-expanding importance in social media as a customer service tool offering each client interaction the opportunity to build brand affinity.


Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Console Search Analytics data is stuck… 

  • Google has confirmed this is an issue and data hasn’t updated since 2/23/16

How it’s relevant?

This issue is impacting the pulling of monthly search console data for SEO and may also delay monthly reporting for clients if not resolved soon.


Digital Intelligence

DCM has turned on “Data-Driven Attribution” models, powered by Adometry!

How it’s relevant?

Previously, the only attribution models available in DCM were a handful of simple, pre-set models such as last click, time decay, and linear attribution, along with the ability to customize each of these with user-set interaction weights

Now, each parent advertiser is eligible to create one intelligent, data-driven model, utilizing the Adometry algorithm

All you have to do is “Create new data-driven model,” select your key conversion(s), and turn it on; it’ll take a week to learn, then it will be ready to use

Source: http://doubleclickadvertisers.blogspot.com/2016/02/enable-better-decisions-with-data.html


Performance Media

Google has spoken about its recent change in eliminating right rail ads on the search engine results page.

How it’s relevant?

They are showing no impact on CPCs, but they are using an incredibly high-level, macro view, so it doesn’t focus on competitive terms.

Total number of ads that can possibly be shown on a page went down from 12 to 7.

This change better mimics mobile results which is the direction they are always headed.

PLAs (The Shopping image ads) are still being shown in the right rail as they have seen success there.


Display Media

TubeMogul is rolling out an automatic make-good program on fraudulent traffic.

This creates a streamlined process and standard for advertisers to receive the credit for all fraudulent traffic.

How it’s relevant?

Previously, when fraudulent traffic occurred, an ad agency would have to express that these were due a certain amount of impressions/monetary credit. Then, the vendor would verify and finally issue the make-good through updating the invoice or insertion order.

This new program automatically provides a credit to their clients’ invoices for all video impressions it buys on the open exchange delivered by non-human/bot traffic. This not only makes the process more convenient, but it would provide us with 100% non-fraudulent impressions.

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FOCUS is Back in Session

Posted by YM Social on February 25, 2016

IMG_0875Last month we introduced you to our FOCUS program, a mentorship designed for Orange County high school scholars to discover and learn about advertising and the digital media landscape. Our students have already accomplished two sessions of their 5-part journey.  The FOCUS team  was introduced to digital and content marketing within their first meeting and dove into branding and web design on Friday with two of our agency creatives – Alex & Ashley!

The day’s theme piqued students’ curiosities, as our mentors’ presentations quickly became an active discussion on digital marketing. From best practices to best “fails,” together we explored what works and how things come together in digital advertising. At the end of a full day, we sent them packing with lunches and a homework assignment for their group portfolio. Check out some photos of the day. If you could join the discussion, what would you want to learn about digital marketing?



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yWeekly news: February 22nd

Posted by YM Social on February 23, 2016

y.marketing.colorSearch Engine Optimization

Google confirmed that over the weekend of January 9-10 they released an update to their core algorithm. 

Initial rumors suggested this was the latest Penguin update, but Google later advised this wasn’t the case.  Additionally, Google announced in a separate statement from their PR team that the Panda algorithm is now part of their core ranking algorithm.

These kinds of updates are important to track and monitor to see what kind of impact, if any, they have on client websites.



Digital Analytics/Insights 

FiveThirtyEight, one of the best-known proponents of analytics in politics, has released a cool series of interactive maps called the “Facebook Primary”

The maps visualize Facebook likes garnered by the major presidential candidates across both parties—down to the county level

FiveThirtyEight’s team is a leader when it comes to making complex datasets easily understandable to an audience of laypeople.

As we seek to do that same thing for our clients, these sorts of visualizations are good examples of how to do it, and do it well.

Currently, FiveThirtyEight also has interactive data visualizations available for Presidential primary forecasts, NBA predictions, and the 2016 Oscars; they’re all worth checking out if you have a moment



Performance Media

Google AdWords has a mobile app

  • DoubleClick does not

The new Google AdWords mobile app allows advertisers to make high level campaign/account adjustments & optimizations on-the go


Social Media

Facebook Canvas: Allows advertisers and businesses to tell their story in a far richer and more immersive way

Built for mobile to load up to 10x faster than standard mobile web, it can be formatted any way you like to tell the story you want to tell

This is important for brands because this provides far more creative freedom for the business to express themselves in interesting and unique ways. This offers business a way to separate themselves and a far more engaging experience for the user.



Display Media

Time Inc. Acquires Myspace-Owned Viant. This deal creates a potential quality ad environment that rivals Facebook’s and Google’s  

Viant has access to 1.2 billion identified registered users. Time Inc. has more than 90 brands. Their offerings now include a massive database of identified first-party customers plus premium ad inventory space.

Although Facebook and Google currently dominate the ad market, now Time Inc. can provide a viable option for first-party customer data and premium ad inventory. For our Display team, this can be useful for planning campaign strategies moving forward.

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yWeekly news: February 1st

Posted by YM Social on February 1, 2016

y.marketing.colorSearch Engine Optimization

Google has revamped their webmasters portal home page with a new design and some brand-new tools.

Their new tools are:

The Webmaster Troubleshooter: designed to be a step-by-step guide to moving your site or understanding search console messages.

Popular resources: A curated list of popular Google Webmaster YouTube videos, blog posts, and forum threads.

Events Calendar: Office hours and events of Google’s team so you can meet them online or at a live event.

It has been awhile since Google has updated webmaster tools with a re-design.

Every webmaster uses (or, at least should use)  Webmaster tools in order to track search performance and other website metrics.



Digital Intelligence

Luna Metrics has posted a new article: A Better Way to Connect Tableau and GA

The pre-existing way to directly connect Tableau and GA has issues:

–        10,000 row limit

–        Sampling starts at 500,000 sessions, also applies to a request with too many dimensions

–        “Filters” (GA sense of the word) does not apply

Using the Web Data Connector for Tableau, the GA Spreadsheet Add-On and importing data into Google Docs you can then:

–        Filter your data appropriately before importing into Tableau

–        Easily maneuver around the 10,000 row limit by starting a second sheet at 10,001 (combine sheets afterwards)

–        Get around sampling by pulling smaller data sets

–        Combine data from different GA sources


Performance Media

Google released its annual bad ads report which revealing that the search giant disabled over 780 million ads in 2015 for policy violations.

Pharmaceuticals: Over 12.5 million ads disabled for pharmaceutical products that were either misleading, or not approved for use.

Google says it has developed the technology to determine when mobile ad clicks are accidental, and will be able to prevent users from navigating to an advertiser’s site that they didn’t mean to visit.

In addition, Google is going to crack down even harder on weight loss ads in 2016 by adding more restrictions on what advertisers can claim is effective for weight loss. The company also intends to implement new protections against malware this year.



Social Media

Facebook pages improves organic reach with a new tool targeting posts to interests, demographics and geography.

Over the past few years, organic reach has been in decline as FB algorithms cater content that appears on news feeds based on a user’s interaction on the platform. More are choosing to show friends’ updates over page updates.

Posts can also be restricted from being viewed by selecting an audience to block

This is important for brands because relevancy is increased when posts are tailored to custom audiences, and the more engagement a post receives, the more likely it will appear on others’ newsfeeds organically.

Additional Information: http://marketingland.com/facebook-organic-audience-optimization-160548


Google files a patent to replace social media marketers!

Google’s system is built on email communication and when a linked is shared and clicked, Google’s pop-system will suggest how to share the link via social media.

Google will identify content within the email to show different suggestions on how to promote the content



Display Media

Google is expanding beta testing on a new ad product timed to Super Bowl 50 that will allow marketers to serve ads in real-time in response to relevant TV moments, the company said at a press event Wednesday.

The ads will live on YouTube as well as sites and apps on Google’s display ad network.

Participating marketers will need to pre-plan the content they want to run as part of Google’s new offering. But the product will allow for dynamic insertion in real-time, as the moment is happening or just after it occurred.


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ymarketing FOCUSes on Educating the youth

Posted by YM Social on January 18, 2016

Focus LogoIf you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you probably noticed that we’re pretty passionate about helping the kids in Orange County. This month we launched PASTARS, an effort to feed children in our area a bowl of delicious pasta at least once per week. And now we’re back with another exciting program that will directly impact the youth in our community…

ymarketing has developed the mentorship program, FOCUS.

FOCUS is a natural extension of ymarketing’s internal learning curriculum, yUniversity, which is intended to bolster internal education and understanding. In yUniversity, every week or so one department puts on a class for the entire agency, affording everyone a basic understanding of a particular topic within that department’s field. This constant education and reeducation keeps everyone on the team connected, communicative, and in-the-know with the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing.

FOCUS is the natural extension of yUniversity and will launch in a partnership with the federal P21 initiative and the Anaheim School District. The program is twofold: First, it is a set of five interactive workshops that will give high school students a basic, 101-level training on all aspects of digital marketing. Second, the ymarketing team members will share their personal journeys to help students greater understand potential career avenues.

While FOCUS is the first advertising agency-based youth mentorship program in Orange County that has committed to working with the Anaheim School District’s P21 initiative, other companies (like Disney and Kaiser Permanente) have done P21 workshops in their respective industries, so we feel as though we’re in pretty good company.

While the entire team is excited to get going, our COO, Brian Yun, is particularly driven. “We hope that our involvement will help other agencies and local businesses to join in the effort to help provide direction to our youth. Our long term plan is to continue to provide a similar workshop each semester with a new group of students. We would love to expand our efforts to work in conjunction with our partnership with the Harbor Area Boys & Girls Clubs to continue educating and mentoring children in our community.”

FOCUS classes begin in the ymarketing office on January 22. At 9am. Sharp.

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yWeekly news: January 11th

Posted by YM Social on January 12, 2016

y.marketing.colorSearch Engine Optimization

Bing search results are now live on AOL. 

The ten year partnership, which was announced last year kicked off on Jan 1st with Bing now controlling AOL’s web, mobile and tablet search providing paid search ads and algorithmic organic search results to AOL’s properties.



Digital Intelligence

The Digital Analytics Association  is hosting an upcoming symposium in LA.

Sessions include topics regarding data integrity, testing, product promotions, and multi-channel mapping.

Theme of the symposium (personalization) is still a holy grail among marketers and while efforts have been made to strive for the right message at the right time to the right person, there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done to bring the dream into fruition

Expert practitioners will be speaking and will also be available for questions on their own personal experience and best practices

Although not explicitly stated, many of the topics covered have direct relevance to PPC, Display, SEO and Social Media.


Performance Media

Bing announced a 10-year search partnership deal with AOL last June.

It’s official now. Bing currently powers AOL’s web, mobile, and tablet search as of last week.

Bing Ads are now enabled for AOL search traffic worldwide. Extends the reach and growth volume for all advertisers. Allow advertisers to reach a desired audience with AOL’s many established websites (ex: The Huffington Post).



Social Media

Snapchat Lets Publishers Link Directly To Their Discover Content on Facebook, Twitter

Snapchat is now letting publishers link directly to their Discover content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and around the Web. This is a larger step in making it easier for publishers and Snapchat stars to draw traffic to the app from around the Web.

This has the possibility to dramatically increase traffic and users of the Snapchat App making it an attractive social marketing platform for the right demographic.



Display Media

LiveRail will be exiting the ad serving business.

The video ad server, SSP, and publisher monetization platform will be no more.

Facebook, who acquired LiveRail in 2014, has chosen to do this in order to focus on more profitable areas of business. This includes the Facebook Audience Network, which had about $1 billion in ad spend in Q4 2015.

Existing LiveRail customers will be migrated onto alternative ad servers or other publisher offerings from Facebook.

LiveRail, highlights Facebook’s current movement to expand its mobile ad network. The number of apps in this network has grown 10x year-over-year and now accounts for 6 percent of total time spent in mobile apps.


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PaStars Team-Up: Caterina’s Club and ymarketing

Posted by YM Social on January 6, 2016

PastarsCorporate Social Responsibility is a big deal here at ymarketing. Our team is always looking for new and exciting stewardship opportunities that enrich our community. We’d love to change the world, but we’re starting with our own backyard, for now…

With that focus in mind, ymarketing is excited to announce a new partnership with some very tangible possibilities for South Orange County, the place we call home. ymarketing is officially partnering with Chef Bruno Serato’s Caterina’s Club in PaStars, a brand new program with the Harbor Area Boys & Girls Clubs (Westside Costa Mesa, Eastside Costa Mesa, and Irvine).  ymarketing will be providing 2 volunteers at each of these locations to prepare and serve pasta to over 400 kids every Wednesday, with hopes to increase the number of days we serve in the near future.

Caterina’s Club has been feeding children and assisting families for over ten years. ymarketing is very proud to be the first company in California to work with Caterina’s Club in creating a new program to bolster efforts.

“I have always had a soft spot for kids, especially those in need,” said ymarketing COO, Brian Yun. “Growing up, my parents struggled to put food on the table. That financial struggle continued for my parents into my adulthood.  When I hear about kids living in motels and without having proper meals, it touched home and I wanted to find a way to help the cause.”

Brian stumbled across a video Chef Bruno Serato’s charitable efforts on Facebook and immediately reached out to see what he could do. After a few conversations with Chef Serato and his team, a plan was developed. This opportunity was brought before the team and we opted unanimously (and passionately) to volunteer everything we can.

But we know we’re not alone. Anyone can help by donating pasta, pasta sauce, and money to Caterina’s Club.  This will help continue to feed kids all across OC. Our hope is that if ymarketing can be an example of how easy it is to do this in our community other organizations may do it themselves.

Long-term, ymarketing is hoping to feed kids five days per week. That is going to take some time. So, in the meantime, we’ve got a few other plates we’re spinning:

  • ymarketing used our annual Holiday Fundraiser this year to raise funds for the Welcome Home program.  This is yet another Chef Bruno Serato program that provides qualified families assistance with first and last month’s rent to help them move out of motels and into permanent housing.  Additionally, we have connected with a local staffing agency that shares our vision and will help Welcome Home recipients stay employed and stay out of the motels.
  • Our team adopted two Welcome Home families this past holiday season and provided them with many life essentials (clothes, furniture, kitchens items, etc.) while showering the kids with toys.
  • Finally, ymarketing has partnered with the Anaheim School District to join the Anaheim White House (Chef Bruno Serato’s Orange County restaurant) to commit to a long term partnership to educate youth through the Federal P21 Mentorship Program.  This program will help guide high school students through interactive workshops on digital marketing.

This blog may read a bit like we’re tooting our own horn, but here’s the thing: nothing we’ve mentioned is exclusive to us. You can help. We can use your help. Caterina’s Club can use your help. Ultimately, the kids in Orange County – or, likely, the kids living in the community you reside in – can use your help.

We’re very proud of the work we’re doing. It feels good to help out and make a difference. We want you to feel that way too. Caterina’s Club served by ymarketing’s PaStars begins January 13.

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yWeekly news: December 7

Posted by YM Social on December 8, 2015

y.marketing.colorSearch Engine Optimization

In November 2015, Schema.org release 2.2 took place.

Some notable changes took place with this release including the additions of:

–        branchCode to represent codes identifying business locations.

–        homeLocation and workLocation as subproperties of Location.

–        Barcode as a subtype of ImageObject.

–        GeoCircle as a subtype of GeoShape, geoRadius, geoMidpoint.

–        postalCode and addressCountry are now an expected property for GeoShape and GeoCoordinates.

–        countryOfOrigin property to Movie, TVEpisode, TVSeason, and TVSeries. And more.

“On-page markup helps search engines understand the information on web pages and provide richer search results.” – Schema.org

Schema was adopted by all 3 major search engines back in 2011 and is helping search engines to become intelligent graphs of information. Staying up to speed with the new features and options being made available to us through the Schema.org syntax is critical for us to stay ahead of the curve.



Digital Intelligence

GA blog has a post titled: Progressive builds a Better Mobile App with Google Analytics Premium

The post highlights how the insurance company used Google Analytics Premium, Google Tag Manager and BigQuery to improve app utility

It’s always elucidating to see how other organizations utilize certain digital products and how effective any strategic implementation of tracking and analytics  ultimately is

However, on the surface it seems like many of the improvements could have been achieved outside of any sophisticated product implementation:

–        Pinpointing where users crash on their app experience

–        Changing the lockout experience for app users


Performance Media

New Metric features from Google

–        Store Visits

–        Ability to view visits at Keyword or Ad Group level

Provides a way for retailers to measure offline ROI from online data. Advertisers can use insights from store visit data to decide which products are driving consumers to their stores


Social Media

Facebook launches live streaming and collages.

The Battle for Breaking News: Every major social media channel is currently focused on making their platforms the source of “news in real-time

Live streaming can be great for event type marketing and awareness. If done correctly, it can activate huge followings and provide branding opportunities

The more that social channels want to focus on being the “real time news” angle, the more brands need to adapt their thinking and shift their content to still be favored with what audiences are looking for as well as algorithm changes.


Display Media

AD Fraud, Pirated Content, Malvertising, and Ad Blocking are costing $8.2 Billion a Year.

IAB  reports that the costs will only get worse unless a strategy is laid out.

Over half this amount lost ($4.4 billion) is derived from “non-human traffic” or bot fraud. These are impressions that advertisers pay for but don’t represent contact with real consumers.

IAB has issued a “call to action”, asking industry leaders to step in and contribute to combatting this type of corruption.

This article continues serves as a reminder to be vigilant in our practices against bot fraud. As we continue to utilize ad verification through IAS on all of our buys, it is imperative that we investigate any suspicious data sets that we pull to keep the bots at bay.



Programmatic Buying Can Save Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital Outdoor channel is advancing with the help of programmatic buying.

Digital Outdoor advertising has long been a tedious process of relying on humans to input codes and set campaigns up. With Trading automation, brands can buy slots automatically on a screen-by-screen basis.

In addition, the implementation of cameras on the screens can provide increased behavioral data on the audience that is viewing the advertisement, and inform dynamic advertising decisions. Offers in malls can be tied to store inventory and serve dynamic ads based upon this.

As the Digital Outdoor channel evolves, we will continue to observe it, identifying if it can be a viable channel for our clients.


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yWeekly news: November 16

Posted by YM Social on November 16, 2015

y.marketing.colorSearch Engine Optimization

Google will now be sending out new Google Search Console messages for SSL/TLS certificate “does not include domain name” or HTTPS mismatch errors.

When you have an https:// error, it can introduce soft 404s into your website that are not normally detectable by programs like Screaming Frog or GSC.

This can be a problem because errors arising from https://, https://www omissions can cause serious problems with SEO by generating 404 errors where there should not be. Typically all variations should be allowed by the SSL certificate and should be crawlable: https://, https://www, and https://* [wildcarding (*) anything].

Because they don’t typically show up in reporting, these issues can go on for awhile before being discovered.



Digital Intelligence

Google announced the release of TensorFlow: a machine learning system that is now open source

Days after, Microsoft announced DMTK, FB announced Torch earlier this year and there are other platforms like H20 which are already free: a larger trend of making machine learning open source by default and in part, to utilize wisdom of crowds

Hiding behind black box algorithms (i.e. attribution vendors) will not be normative in the future, and neither will exorbitant pricing for creating a process for complex analysis, tasks, etc.

Broad range of applicable use of a platform that is backed and utilized by Google itself

Algorithms work best when in the hands of many but also have many data points to process as well





Performance Media

Google is testing a new ad format where consumers can subscribe to get the latest offers and updates from multiple retailers via text message on their cell phone. Consumers would subscribe from the ad and start receiving these relevant offers and updates.  Consumers can also choose from a variety of categories they want to see deals on.

Majority of holiday shoppers used their cell phones to hunt for the best deals last year. This new ad format will entice consumers to shop and spend more with the latest deals right in front of them.

You can give it a try by texting “JOIN” to the numbers list and get holiday deals from some retailers:

For Black Friday: 847-904-0608

For Cyber Monday: 847-906-8958

For general holiday deals: 847-904-0596




Social Media

Pinterest Introduces Visual Search Tool:

  • A new in-Pin search tool will be a major benefit for users looking to find a specific item — No search queries required

Users find the actual products that pique their interest, with no textual input required.

In-Pin search results will only include organic Pins:

  • Encouraging more organic participation from marketers on the platform if they can’t buy their way in with a Promoted Pin
  • This will make Pinterest a more complete destination for product search




Display Media

Google Adds Programmatic Support for Native Ads

Google is now offering programmatic ads for native content and mobile video publishers. Publishers can offer native ad units available for programmatic demand.

Native is a rapidly growing portion of the overall digital media spend. Google has now combined both programmatic and native ad inventory to be bought on Double Click Ad Exchange.

Currently, Google’s programmatic monetization is restricted to mobile app ads, where the company sees the greatest opportunity. However, Native web ads – both desktop and mobile, will follow in 2016 (available in open exchange and private marketplace buys).

With this new process, advertisers are able to provide a collection of ad assets, from which Google


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