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yWeekly news: February 1st

Posted by YM Social on February 1, 2016 Engine Optimization

Google has revamped their webmasters portal home page with a new design and some brand-new tools.

Their new tools are:

The Webmaster Troubleshooter: designed to be a step-by-step guide to moving your site or understanding search console messages.

Popular resources: A curated list of popular Google Webmaster YouTube videos, blog posts, and forum threads.

Events Calendar: Office hours and events of Google’s team so you can meet them online or at a live event.

It has been awhile since Google has updated webmaster tools with a re-design.

Every webmaster uses (or, at least should use)  Webmaster tools in order to track search performance and other website metrics.


Digital Intelligence

Luna Metrics has posted a new article: A Better Way to Connect Tableau and GA

The pre-existing way to directly connect Tableau and GA has issues:

–        10,000 row limit

–        Sampling starts at 500,000 sessions, also applies to a request with too many dimensions

–        “Filters” (GA sense of the word) does not apply

Using the Web Data Connector for Tableau, the GA Spreadsheet Add-On and importing data into Google Docs you can then:

–        Filter your data appropriately before importing into Tableau

–        Easily maneuver around the 10,000 row limit by starting a second sheet at 10,001 (combine sheets afterwards)

–        Get around sampling by pulling smaller data sets

–        Combine data from different GA sources


Performance Media

Google released its annual bad ads report which revealing that the search giant disabled over 780 million ads in 2015 for policy violations.

Pharmaceuticals: Over 12.5 million ads disabled for pharmaceutical products that were either misleading, or not approved for use.

Google says it has developed the technology to determine when mobile ad clicks are accidental, and will be able to prevent users from navigating to an advertiser’s site that they didn’t mean to visit.

In addition, Google is going to crack down even harder on weight loss ads in 2016 by adding more restrictions on what advertisers can claim is effective for weight loss. The company also intends to implement new protections against malware this year.


Social Media

Facebook pages improves organic reach with a new tool targeting posts to interests, demographics and geography.

Over the past few years, organic reach has been in decline as FB algorithms cater content that appears on news feeds based on a user’s interaction on the platform. More are choosing to show friends’ updates over page updates.

Posts can also be restricted from being viewed by selecting an audience to block

This is important for brands because relevancy is increased when posts are tailored to custom audiences, and the more engagement a post receives, the more likely it will appear on others’ newsfeeds organically.

Additional Information:


Google files a patent to replace social media marketers!

Google’s system is built on email communication and when a linked is shared and clicked, Google’s pop-system will suggest how to share the link via social media.

Google will identify content within the email to show different suggestions on how to promote the content


Display Media

Google is expanding beta testing on a new ad product timed to Super Bowl 50 that will allow marketers to serve ads in real-time in response to relevant TV moments, the company said at a press event Wednesday.

The ads will live on YouTube as well as sites and apps on Google’s display ad network.

Participating marketers will need to pre-plan the content they want to run as part of Google’s new offering. But the product will allow for dynamic insertion in real-time, as the moment is happening or just after it occurred.

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yWeekly news: January 11th

Posted by YM Social on January 12, 2016 Engine Optimization

Bing search results are now live on AOL. 

The ten year partnership, which was announced last year kicked off on Jan 1st with Bing now controlling AOL’s web, mobile and tablet search providing paid search ads and algorithmic organic search results to AOL’s properties.


Digital Intelligence

The Digital Analytics Association  is hosting an upcoming symposium in LA.

Sessions include topics regarding data integrity, testing, product promotions, and multi-channel mapping.

Theme of the symposium (personalization) is still a holy grail among marketers and while efforts have been made to strive for the right message at the right time to the right person, there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done to bring the dream into fruition

Expert practitioners will be speaking and will also be available for questions on their own personal experience and best practices

Although not explicitly stated, many of the topics covered have direct relevance to PPC, Display, SEO and Social Media.


Performance Media

Bing announced a 10-year search partnership deal with AOL last June.

It’s official now. Bing currently powers AOL’s web, mobile, and tablet search as of last week.

Bing Ads are now enabled for AOL search traffic worldwide. Extends the reach and growth volume for all advertisers. Allow advertisers to reach a desired audience with AOL’s many established websites (ex: The Huffington Post).


Social Media

Snapchat Lets Publishers Link Directly To Their Discover Content on Facebook, Twitter

Snapchat is now letting publishers link directly to their Discover content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and around the Web. This is a larger step in making it easier for publishers and Snapchat stars to draw traffic to the app from around the Web.

This has the possibility to dramatically increase traffic and users of the Snapchat App making it an attractive social marketing platform for the right demographic.


Display Media

LiveRail will be exiting the ad serving business.

The video ad server, SSP, and publisher monetization platform will be no more.

Facebook, who acquired LiveRail in 2014, has chosen to do this in order to focus on more profitable areas of business. This includes the Facebook Audience Network, which had about $1 billion in ad spend in Q4 2015.

Existing LiveRail customers will be migrated onto alternative ad servers or other publisher offerings from Facebook.

LiveRail, highlights Facebook’s current movement to expand its mobile ad network. The number of apps in this network has grown 10x year-over-year and now accounts for 6 percent of total time spent in mobile apps.

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yWeekly news: November 16

Posted by YM Social on November 16, 2015 Engine Optimization

Google will now be sending out new Google Search Console messages for SSL/TLS certificate “does not include domain name” or HTTPS mismatch errors.

When you have an https:// error, it can introduce soft 404s into your website that are not normally detectable by programs like Screaming Frog or GSC.

This can be a problem because errors arising from https://, https://www omissions can cause serious problems with SEO by generating 404 errors where there should not be. Typically all variations should be allowed by the SSL certificate and should be crawlable: https://, https://www, and https://* [wildcarding (*) anything].

Because they don’t typically show up in reporting, these issues can go on for awhile before being discovered.


Digital Intelligence

Google announced the release of TensorFlow: a machine learning system that is now open source

Days after, Microsoft announced DMTK, FB announced Torch earlier this year and there are other platforms like H20 which are already free: a larger trend of making machine learning open source by default and in part, to utilize wisdom of crowds

Hiding behind black box algorithms (i.e. attribution vendors) will not be normative in the future, and neither will exorbitant pricing for creating a process for complex analysis, tasks, etc.

Broad range of applicable use of a platform that is backed and utilized by Google itself

Algorithms work best when in the hands of many but also have many data points to process as well


Performance Media

Google is testing a new ad format where consumers can subscribe to get the latest offers and updates from multiple retailers via text message on their cell phone. Consumers would subscribe from the ad and start receiving these relevant offers and updates.  Consumers can also choose from a variety of categories they want to see deals on.

Majority of holiday shoppers used their cell phones to hunt for the best deals last year. This new ad format will entice consumers to shop and spend more with the latest deals right in front of them.

You can give it a try by texting “JOIN” to the numbers list and get holiday deals from some retailers:

For Black Friday: 847-904-0608

For Cyber Monday: 847-906-8958

For general holiday deals: 847-904-0596


Social Media

Pinterest Introduces Visual Search Tool:

  • A new in-Pin search tool will be a major benefit for users looking to find a specific item — No search queries required

Users find the actual products that pique their interest, with no textual input required.

In-Pin search results will only include organic Pins:

  • Encouraging more organic participation from marketers on the platform if they can’t buy their way in with a Promoted Pin
  • This will make Pinterest a more complete destination for product search


Display Media

Google Adds Programmatic Support for Native Ads

Google is now offering programmatic ads for native content and mobile video publishers. Publishers can offer native ad units available for programmatic demand.

Native is a rapidly growing portion of the overall digital media spend. Google has now combined both programmatic and native ad inventory to be bought on Double Click Ad Exchange.

Currently, Google’s programmatic monetization is restricted to mobile app ads, where the company sees the greatest opportunity. However, Native web ads – both desktop and mobile, will follow in 2016 (available in open exchange and private marketplace buys).

With this new process, advertisers are able to provide a collection of ad assets, from which Google

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yWeekly news: September 28

Posted by YM Social on September 28, 2015


Search Engine Optimization

Google has announced a faster and more accurate voice search, which replaces the technology they adopted in 2012 and is said to be more effective in noisy environments.  The new models Google has created are now being used for voice searches and commands in the Google app on both Android and iOS.

This shows Google’s continued dedication to voice and natural language search.This will allow voice search to be easier for users and potentially increase adoption


Display Media

Ad Blocker Usage Highest Among Key Advertiser Demos: Millennials and High Earners

Study by Sourcepoint and comScore shows people who use ad blockers are more likely to be the types of high-value consumers marketers aim to reach: young and well off. Ad blocking skews younger, with 18-24 year-olds using ad blockers most often in all regions the study looked at.

The increasing use of ad blockers is concerning to both publishers, who stand to lose more revenues, and advertisers, who could lose access to coveted audiences of high earners and Millennials


Digital Intelligence

There’s been a recent flurry about actual data scientists writing about the work of the job, interviewing, and tips for preparation

The term “data scientist” is used as a misnomer for many open positions; the posts referenced above refer to how the emerging field is still searching for the guardrails on mainstream definitions

Many schools of thought agree that there are at least two types of roles: builders and analysts; not many companies or agencies even have the analytics maturity to effectively use either

As technological tools continue to evolve to make complex analytical techniques more accessible, digital advertising will begin to see more transparent depth and sophistication at its disposal.


Performance Media

Google is releasing Dynamic Callout Extensions

Dynamic callout extensions will automatically pull information about the business and products from your website into search text ads. If you have your own callouts set manually at the campaign or ad group levels of your accounts, those will trump dynamic efforts by Google.

On the flip side, Google still recommends adding and optimizing callouts in your accounts because dynamic callouts may not show for all advertisers. Unlike regular callout extensions, dynamic callouts are currently only available in English.


Social Media

Facebook will begin passing browsing data from websites and apps that use their Like, Share or Send buttons into their ads system. Users would just need to visit a page with the enabled buttons for their browsing data to be captured.

Until now, interest-based targeting has been limited to what users do on the platform, but now advertisers will be able to target ads using browsing data in FB properties as well as through their in-house mobile ad network.

How granular the targeting may be is still up in the air, but FB’s example is: “… if you visit hotel and airline websites to research an upcoming trip, you might then see ads for travel deals on Facebook.”

FB will launch this new targeting capability next month.

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yWeekly news: August 25

Posted by YM Social on August 25, 2015


Search Engine Optimization

Google expands site links on mobile SERPs.

John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst said that “a desktop site is no longer necessary.” Shree Vaidya, head of SEO at Engage Interactive, believes this Google update is along those lines, to an extent. He thinks the expanded site links are more about device unification than prioritizing mobile over desktop, however.

Beyond device unification, Vaidya thinks expanded site links on Google are about staying ahead of the curve. Like the Knowledge Graph and Maps, the latest update to the SERPs creates an improved mobile user experience, eliminating, in Google’s eyes, the need to use other search engines.

Display Media

The Content Marketing Platform Livefyre Enables Ads In Comment Threads

Publishers now have the option to insert ads right into the comment threads on their sites. It lets publishers sell inventory using their current ad system. This tool empowers publishers to monetize their on-site engagement by offering premium ad inventory.  Ad formats can be Display or Sponsored social posts


Digital Intelligence

Snowden leak documents revealed incredibly close relationship between AT&T with the NSA to help spy on the Internet. AT&T provided complete access to their Main Data Stream, which includes Cable Landing Areas (transoceanic fiber optic lines), and all internet backbone traffic. Relationship goes as far back as 1985 (phone calls, long standing relationship)

AT&T installed an “NSA Room” at key data centers in the country for complete and unabridged access to all internet traffic in the country and most nations outside the US as well.

–        Blind sweeps, which is unconstitutional

–        Included complete tracking on all communications at the UN Headquarters

–        Issue has not gone away, and is spurring a new industry, most notably with Encryption & Security/Privacy:

–        Tracking at forefront (Do Not Track)

–        Secure Email (ProtonMail)

Makes it more difficult for us marketers to do our jobs.


Performance Media

Google has announced that those that manage Google Shopping campaigns will now have a slew of new bidding options in AdWords.  These new targeting options include maximizing clicks, leveraging Enhanced CPC and optimizing for ROAS.

Managers who run Google Shopping can now leverage the same bidding options that are available for keywords on their shopping campaigns. This has the potential to be a gain from an efficiency standpoint since managers can test out each automated bidding option and leverage the one that provides the largest return.


Social Media

A new PEW report was released on social media habits of Americans.

The report confirms a lot of what we already know about millennials, Facebook and the rising use of message apps, but the data reveals “the noteworthy and rapid emergence of different kinds of communication tools serving different social needs.” Some of the main findings released this week were that young adults LOVE messaging apps. Just under half of the 18-29 demo pool reported using these apps. 67% of internet users are smartphone users. Facebook is still king of social media, but Pinterest and Instagram doubled its usage since 2012. 59% of Instagram users are on the platform daily, 2nd to Facebook with 70% of its user on the social network daily. 35% of Instagrammers visit the platform multiple times a day.

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yWeekly news: August 18

Posted by YM Social on August 18, 2015


Search Engine Optimization

The first eye and click study on the new 3-pack for local results in Google has just been published.

The key findings of this study were that “organic was the clear leader with the #1 organic result generating 39.5% of total clicks.” Adding, “while 39.5% of the click-throughs on the organic result went to the firm’s website directly, only 6% of the local clicks resulted in one click visits to the firm’s website.”


Display Media

Headway Digital launches NativeWay, its new Native Ads tool suite. The new platform combines native display, video and mobile advertising solutions via programmatic buying

NativeWay will offer marketers considerable benefits over traditional banners, including enhanced user experience, higher viewability, measurably better engagement rates as well as a boost in the number of organic installs of mobile apps.

NativeWay offers performance and brand marketers the ability to target their ideal consumers wherever they are in the digital universe via Native Display/Video/Mobile Ads – dynamically displays a marketer’s ad to fit the look and feel of each publisher site.


Digital Intelligence

R2D3 is a group that has created a ‘Visual Introduction to Machine Learning’

The link below walks a visitor though a basic example and shows a step-by-step approach of what happens when a machine ‘learns.’

With data driven attribution for Adwords coming soon, a host of attribution vendors claiming to use machine learning algorithms and data science techniques becoming ever more popular, it behooves end users to be familiar with basic concepts.


Performance Media

AdWords Drag-and-Drop Report Editor is officially rolling out!

With the Report Editor, you can build out custom pivot tables and charts by dragging and dropping dimensions and metrics. You can start by filtering dimensions before starting to build your report, or you can wait until it’s built to segment, sort and filter the data shown. A drop-down enables you to switch between visualization formats including table, pie, bar or line charts.

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yWeekly news: August 10

Posted by YM Social on August 10, 2015


Search Engine Optimization

Google Map Maker is now helping users find duplicate local listings more easily.  By searching for business info, verified and non-verified listings will now display in the tool giving you the opportunity to clean up duplicates that are unclaimed.

Duplicate local listings can cause issues with local SEO efforts and overall placement. This new feature will be useful for clients like Clark Pest where we are heavily local focused and are constantly trying to manage the various local listings for the client.


Display Media

Instagram Will Pass Google, Twitter In Mobile Display Ad Revenue By 2017

eMarketer predicts Instagram will earn $595 million in ad revenue this year and $2.81 billion by 2017 (10.6% more than Facebook’s total 2017 ad revenue). Instagram is now opening up a lot of pent-up demand. It will start selling ads — including direct response ads with links to “Shop Now,” “Install Now,” “Learn More” or “Sign Up” to all interested businesses. It will also give advertisers the ability to use Facebook’s powerful targeting tools to place ads on Instagram.


Digital Intelligence

IBM Watson capabilities are being used to infer psychographics.

“The IBM Watson Personality Insights” builds a psychographic profile based on text data via blogs, tweets, forum posts, e-mails, etc. The snippet usually needs to be greater than ~100 words

With companies building more advanced algorithms and techniques focused on regressions, classification and similarity matching for predictive outcomes, the ‘human’ element can be lost quickly (i.e. Thick data)

Marriage of qualitative and quantitative information creates a great 1-2 punch for marketers. Competitors will be leveraging the technology on top of pre-existing capabilities for more refined targeting.


Performance Media

Google recently announced it is investing in new ways to help people discover apps with Search Ads on Google Play. Search is one of the biggest drivers of app installs in the Play Store. Google will be innovating on new technologies to simplify campaign management and improve measurement for developers.

Google Play reaches more than 1 billion people on Android devices in over 190 countries. Search Ads on Google Play help developers drive more awareness of their apps. They also provide consumers new ways to discover apps that they otherwise might have missed.


Social Media

Instagram has officially switched on its advertising API (application programming interface).

Before, advertisers would have to purchase ads by contacting an Instagram rep, which meant Instagram advertising was mostly limited to those willing to make big investments. Now, with an opened API – marketers can plan Instagram campaigns alongside other digital ads and cross-promote, plan and monitor their Instagram marketing activity.

Just in June, Instagram announced that all of FB’s ad targeting tools will be opened to Instagram advertisers and also launched a “Shop Now” button and other messages for advertisers to link outside the app (currently, Instagram does not push out links).

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yWeekly news: August 3

Posted by YM Social on August 3, 2015



Search Engine Optimization

Google’s Panda 4.2 update is rolling out globally.

Google had confirmed the Panda update, but they did not confirm to us the extent of its reach. This means that it is impacting search results worldwide, rather than just results in the U.S. 


Digital Intelligence

Spotify recently bought analytics platform Seed Scientific to quickly stay competitive after Apple got some brand good will at the hands of Taylor Swift. Spotify hopes to better understand how artists, listeners, and brands are interacting with the platform’s streaming music services, as well as gaining insights into their competitors’ user interactions.

Today, the pace of business is so swift that fortunes can and are made and lost in a few seconds. As a result, companies like Spotify must constantly show investors how they can evolve their gains.

Big data capabilities are needed and justified to quickly attract more venture capital and financing. In turn, big data fuels operations and defrays enormous operating costs, including the acquisitions being made in order to help fuel that growth. All of this activity is intended to raise the valuation even more swiftly.

Performance Media

Google announced that they have updated their keyword quality score reporting. The change only affects the numbers that is seen within Adword’s engine. It does not change how the score is calculated or the ad auction.

Previously new keywords without traffic would receive either very high or very low quality scores that are inaccurate. Now quality score for new keywords will always default as 6 (the average for the three components calculated in quality score) until additional traffic comes through to determine the keyword’s true quality score.


Social Media

Facebook is currently testing LinkedIn-style profile tags on user profiles. Profile tags will allow users and their friends to add tags to profiles, which can be made of words, phrases or emojis. Once a tag is approved by the user, it will be visible to the public and listed by the amount of likes by friends

Since “Profile tags are a creative tool that lets you and your friends add tags to your profile to highlight the things that describe you and what you’re into,” it will be interesting to see if/when FB leverages and incorporates these profile tags as future targeting options for social marketers.

This is also a good way to identify potential influencers and tastemakers when looking to launch outreach efforts.

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yWeekly news: July 27

Posted by YM Social on July 27, 2015


Display Media

In-app Ad fraud- firm claims to find large number of “mobile device hijacking” in which mobile apps load hidden ads and simulate human activity similar to traditional botnets.

Forensiq says its fraud detection platform identified over 5,000 mobile apps committing ad fraud while monitoring for irregular impression traffic patterns on various real time bidding (RTB) ad exchanges. Over a 10-day period, the company says it observed more than 12 million unique devices with “infected” apps, affecting about one percent of mobile devices it observed in the US

An annual loss to advertisers of more than $857 million globally, based on CPMs of $1.00 on Android and Windows Mobile and $1.25 on iOS

It is observed that some apps downloaded a script to simulate random clicks and load an advertiser’s landing page without the user’s knowledge. Other apps automatically redirected users through affiliate links to websites asking users to purchase items or other apps on the app stores


Search Engine Optimization

Google’s first Panda update in nearly 10 months was announced on July 22.

But rather than a fast rollout Google is saying this will rollout slowly over a few months, which means we will need to monitor this over time.  This update is expected to impact 2%-3% of English language queries.


Digital Intelligence

THE US DIGITAL MEDIA AD SPEND REPORT: Mobile will fuel strong growth across formats as desktop and traditional spend slow.

–        Dollars are increasingly flowing from traditional ads to digital, as strong growth in mobile, video, and social spending continue to change the face of the US media market.
–        Over the next five years, marketers will especially embrace mobile. Mobile will drive up spending on video, search, display, and social, and propel the migration of ad dollars away from traditional media, including newspapers and magazines.

There are great applications within mobile and other digital formats that allows marketers to do proximity based marketing  within inches of a product. Mobile is one of the channels that has a ton of opportunity to both be extremely effective, and/or very annoying and intrusive.


Performance Media

Google’s Geo-based ad customizer’s beta, includes hyper-relevant ad modifiers that will automatically insert local City, State, Region, etc. information into ads. Ad use both geo-specific search queries and/or searcher’s location to determine localized content.


Social Media

Twitter launches a new ad tool to help marketers hone in on live audiences.

The tool will have a calendar that highlights major global events such as sports, holidays, festivals, entertainment, politics etc. that can be filtered by event, location and date. Event insights, provides historical data about how events have performed on Twitter, including # of tweets, keywords & hashtags, reach and demographics etc.

Event activation enables marketers to launch ad campaigns targeting events with one click.

This new feature will allow brands on Twitter to be on the cusp of conversations as the tool simplifies research and execution during live events.

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yweekly news July 21

Posted by YM Social on July 21, 2015


Digital Intelligence:

Tableau Now Offers Deeper Integration with:

  • Spark on Azure HDInsight, a cloud-hosted Apache Spark service
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse, a fully-managed elastic data warehouse as a service
  • Azure SQL Database, a relational database as a service

For those into geek speak, the integration supports both live connectivity and in-memory extracts. Now, what does that mean? This means that you can take full advantage of the power of Azure which provides you with real-time access to your data directly in the cloud, no extracts or snapshots required.  This continues to push more and more industries into the world of cloud computing and storage.

Read more about it:  


Performance Media:

Google is enhancing shopping ads for Mobile which will include expandable and swipeable Product Listing Ads. They’ve begun testing the  “Buy with Google” button with a few retailers. There’s also a priority for Local Inventory Ads, as they will now be shown first, when available, for local intent shopping queries, making the purchase process easier, and increase the inventory of mobile product listing ads.



Google is continuing its efforts to stress the uselessness of certain XML sitemap elements. In May, Google’s John Mueller pointed out that priority and change frequency don’t have any value anymore and this week Google’s Gary Illyes noted that the lastmod tag is ignored by search engines.  While Google supports these additional tags in an XML sitemap, this suggests SEO’s should not be wasting their time making sure these tags are in place and updated as they are basically being ignored by the engines.  As it stands, it looks like this may not just apply to Google, but become a search engine industry standard.

Read more about it:


Social Media:

In another power play towards other video competitors, Facebook will allow brands to embed Facebook videos on 3rd party sites. This portability allows brands to continue connecting their content outside of Facebook alone. While viewing the video on a 3rd party site, many Facebook video activities are still accessible to the user, such as liking, sharing, and even an icon on the video that leads directly to the Facebook post. Facebook is also trying to avoid annoying viewers by muting auto play videos, unless you click on the video to hear the audio.

Read more about it:


Display Media:

If your display media is still served in Flash, you may have an issue. FireFox and Chrome users will not be able to turn on the plug-in to access Flash content.  This could be on a site, system such as OAS, Operatives etc.  The good news for Firefox users is that most won’t notice a change. Just under 11% of websites use Flash, according to W3Techs, a technology survey company. However, if you’re one of the 11%, you may want to start migrating to HTML5.

Read more about it:


Take a look at the archives of all our digital news here


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