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Digital Marketing 2011 – Prepare to Go Mobile!

Emarketer Smartphone Users 2011In the world of digital marketing, if 2010 was the year of Facebook and social media, then 2011 is shaping up to be the year of mobile marketing.  More and more Americans are purchasing smartphones.  Emarketer predicts that smartphone ownership will rise from 31% of all mobile users this year to 43% by 2015.  

That’s no small feat considering that 87% of Americans have mobile devices and it’s their most-used technology device (73% vs. 58% that say their desktop PC is).

All this means that marketers will have to pay more attention to how their websites look on mobile devices and how their messaging comes across either through SMS (Short Message Service), on a flash-resistant iPhone, or on an Android phone, now the largest smart mobile platform.

Digital Marketing Best Practices for Mobile Marketing

There are many best practice guidelines out there telling you how to approach mobile marketing. Kodak has a good guide that gives an outline of best practices and starting points.

What they say, and what others point out, is that your mobile marketing strategy must be integrated with your overall marketing efforts.

They also emphasize the need to link mobile marketing to clear objectives, such as do you want to drive direct or indirect sales.

Other best practices include:

  • Understanding the limitations of various mobile devices
  • Knowing that mobile users engage differently from desktop users
  • Offering mobile users a choice on messaging programs.

These are broad concepts, and often what prevents companies from pursuing the mobile market are the details.

Practical How-to

The Mobile Marketing Association puts out each year its Mobile Advertising Guidelines. This year’s just came out and it covers:

  • Mobile web advertising
  • Text Messaging (SMS)
  • Multimedia messaging (MMS)
  • Mobile video and TV
  • Mobile applications

The MMA covers definitions, specifications, design principles, and insertion and delivery in the kind of details that can help those marketers that are serious about mobile marketing. The benefit of this book is that offers industry standards so you can streamline your creative and publishing processes.

Real Life Lessons

Gleanster, a company that benchmarks best practices in technology-enabled business initiatives, has just come out with a Mobile Marketing report that explores what companies involved in mobile marketing have learned, how they are defining their mobile strategy and what they are doing to ensure success.

The report makes the point that top performers have launched their mobile marketing campaigns only after careful consideration of their goals.

Here are some other highlights to the report: ymarketing digital marketing go mobile 2011

  • The most compelling reasons to implement are to:
    1. Increase ROI
    2. Increase customer acquisition
    3. Increase store/website traffic
  • The most important value drivers are:
    1. Create compelling campaign
    2. Require customer call-to-action
    3. Provide appropriate incentives for participating
  • The most challenging aspects are:
    1. Generating the right creative idea
    2. Securing the right vendors and partners
    3. Making the case in terms of ROI
  • The most commonly used metrics are:
    1. Number of Call-To-Actions responses
    2. Audience growth rate 
    3. Coupon or code redemption rate

    Have you started to market to mobile users? Do you agree with the findings from the Gleanster report? Is your website mobile friendly yet?

Here is a compelling infographic on digital marketing through Mobile

Image credit: Luanne Teoh (SXSW 2011 Austin)