Facebook Advertising: Top 9 Reasons Why Digital Marketers Fail
Facebook Advertising: Top 9 Reasons Why Digital Marketers Fail

We recently blogged about reasons why Search Engine Marketer’s typically do not achieve their campaign goals when running an ad campaign on Facebook. We have further explored the common mistakes companies make when venturing into Facebook advertising for the first time.

Here are the points we mentioned in our first Facebook Ad Best Practices for Search Engine Marketers POV:

1. Facebook is not a Traditional Search Engine
Facebook is in a category of “people search” and “social search”.

2. Campaign Objectives: Alignment
The typical experience by a search marketer who tries to port an Adwords Campaign into Facebook advertisements.

3. Having a Custom Facebook Page
Serve custom content the Facebook social network with a Custom Facebook Fan Landing Page.

Here are some additional Best Practices for creating a successful ad campaign in Facebook:

4.  Target Demographics

“Who is my ideal customer/target market?”

Most Search Engine Marketers (myself included) are so obsessed with keywords, ad copy, landing pages, budgets and bid management they’ve Facebook Adscompletely lost sight of the Marketing part of Search Engine Marketing.

Best Practices for Profiling your Target Markets’


    • Survey your Existing Customer Base
    • Analyze your Site Traffic using a
      3rd party tools (Quantcast, Hitwise, Compete, etc)
    • Run Facebook Ads on “broad match”
      (i.e. no demo targeting selected); pull some Demo reports after-the-fact

5.  Audience Targeting

“Where do I enter my Keywords?”
Hint: It’s a trick question folks keep asking themselves. (See the Facebook Ad Strategy Download)

We have to preface this by saying Facebook Targeting is extremely more sophisticated than traditional search.

Facebook enables you to laser target based on over a dozen settings at the Ad Level instead of campaign:

  1. Location
    • City
    • State
    • Country 
  2. Demographics
    • Ages 13-64+
    • On Birthday
    • Gender
    • Interested In (Gender)
    • Relationship Status
    • Language(s)
  3. Likes & Interests (formerly known as ‘Keywords’)
  4. Education & Work
  5. Connections/Friends of Connections

6.  Ad Testing

“I thought Multivariate testing was only applicable to landing pages?”

Search provides the ability to A/B/n test ads at the Ad Group Level for optimization while Facebook enables you to Multivariate test several variables at the Ad Level.

Best Practice: test these variables using individual ads:

      • Title
      • Body Text
      • Image
      • Age
      • Location
      • Gender
      • Likes & Interests

Hint: Name your ads w/these same variables to keep track of them when you pull some performance reports.

7.  Creative Burnout

“My ads work great for a couple days, then…nothing!”

Best Practices:

      • Have lots of ad variations in the cue for testing.
      • Refresh creative (ads) as soon as you start seeing diminishing returns (daily, weekly, or monthly basis)

Run out of ad ideas?

Here’s how you can create over half a billion ad variations in < 5 minutes using variations of those same variables:

      • Titles: 10
      • Body Text: 10
      • Images: 10
      • Ages: 50 (Age 13-64, separately)
      • Location: 50 (states)
      • Gender: 2
      • Likes & Interests: 11 (None + 10 specific)

Do the Math: 10x10x10x50x50x2x11= 550,000,000

Hint: frequent ‘refreshes’ are required!

8.  Day-Parting

“My ads seem to blow through their budget.”

Hint: Running ads during peak usage time(s) actually creates performance derogation (this is counterintuitive to the traditional maximize ‘reach’ mindset, it’s best to reach users when they are less engaged w/socializing). That’s all we have to say for now as it’s not a fully accessible option to most Advertisers.

9.  Bidding Strategies

“What does CPM stand for again?”

Not gaining any traction when purchasing clicks on a cost-per (CPC) basis? Try CPM!

describe the image 
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Best Practice: Backing into an effective CPC using CPM based pricing has proven to be more efficient and scalable

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