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Facebook Landing Pages – Digital Marketing Landing Strip

Have you noticed lately how company pages on Facebook are changing?

It used to be that when you go to a company page on Facebook, it looked just like everyone else’s – it had its wall, information, photo/s and discussions.

But with the growth in Facebook landing pages, corporations are beginning to realize the marketing potential of Facebook.

Brand Reinforcement

Search for Timberland on Facebook and you’ll be directed not to their wall but to a graphic page that has multiple calls to action

Timberland Facebook Brand Page

Each one of these short graphic boxes either take the visitor to a website outside Facebook, or to another Timberland Facebook page. The tabs up top point you to other Facebook pages within Timberland. Each one is, in essence, a landing page, complete with value propositions, call to actions etc. And each one offers the visitor a chance to join the Timberland Facebook community. It’s like a series of landing pages all together in one site – A digital marketing landing strip.

Salesforce.com also uses Facebook as a landing strip with one major goal – to get you to “like” them.

Salesforce.com Brand Facebook Page 

This is far more like a traditional landing page with one clear call to action.

One of the key benefits to this style of pages or landing strip of designed pages is that it reinforces a company’s brand and separates it from all of the other pages on Facebook.

To make our point, look at the Timberland wall and Salesforce wall. This is what you would see if you first landed on their walls.

Timberland Facebook WallSalesforce.com FAcebook Wall

Apart from the logos, from a branding or call to action viewpoint, they look similar.  That’s because the wall is not supposed to be commercial – it’s supposed to be a community and most importantly, conversational.

Brand Allegiance

The main purpose behind a company’s Facebook community is to grow and solidify brand allegiance.

If you don’t think this matters, then you should read DDB’s Facebook and Brands survey.  84% of Facebook users use the brands they follow. After following a brand on Facebook, more than a third of the respondents “want to buy this brand’s products more.” Furthermore, 92% of brand page fans feel comfortable recommending the brand to friend. Wow! Talk about brand allegiance and viral marketing being done for you.

Key Elements to A Facebook Landing Page

The key elements to a customized Facebook landing page should include:

  • Custom images, design and layout
  • Call to action
  • Direct integration with your CRM
  • Lead generation API template with fields of your choice.

The value of a landing page is that it helps you go:

1) From marketing and selling to building relationships.

2) From selling to engaging.

3) From formal pitching to casual conversations.

4) From managing gatekeepers directly to your qualified customers.

If you plan on advertising on Facebook, the Facebook landing page has advantages over sending them to another landing page off Facebook like your company’s website.

  • Reduces the anxiety of visitors who click through because they don’t have to worry if they are being sent to a SPAM page
  • Increases CTRs because they get remain on Facebook. Most people on Facebook only leave Facebook when they are ready to do so.

For example, we clicked on this ad for CNN heroes:

CNN Heroes Facebook Ad

We were taken to this landing page, asking us to donate now.

CNN Heroes Brand Page for Facebook

The whole experience creates a sense of confidence in the legitimacy of the ad and the landing page, and not only are we tempted to donate, but we are also intrigued and will consider becoming a fan.

If you would like to learn more about Facebook landing pages and how to integrate them into your Facebook landing strip, download the Facebook Landing Page Guide.