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Google TV – Great Drama for Digital Marketing

If you like good dramatic TV, with Davids fighting Goliaths (and Goliaths fighting other Goliaths), with unlikely alliances and new characters being introduced almost daily, then you need go no further than Google TV. We’re not talking the content that Google TV will provide to your television sets. We’re talking about the story that is Google TVGoogle TV - Drama for Networks

When Google TV launched on October 4, it was immediately met with resistance from the most of the major networks, and a month later Fox joined the other networks

How long this battle will continue is anyones guess, but the real issue for its future success will rest with two factors: Usability and Revenue Stream.

As a digital marketing agency, we’re not going to talk about usability. One reviewer called it “the web on your TV, in all its chaotic and beautiful glory.”Google TV - Web on TV

We’re interested in how Google TV will change the advertising landscape. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, says that it can one-up regular television in terms of advertising because it can target the ads the same way that Google does online.

That’s good for advertisers and viewers alike, since the ads are more relevant to the consumers’ needs and wants. The fact is advertisers believe Google TV will lower costs and improve the targeting of ad spots, something digital marketing agencies and their clients are bound to like.

The beauty of Google TV ads is really within their targeting.

Let’s say you’re an auto insurance company and you want to attract three specific audiences: drivers with good records, drivers with bad records and new drivers. One of the messages is about rewarding the good drivers, another is about giving the bad drivers a second chance and third is about introducing new drivers to auto insurance. The key is you want to make sure you reach each audience with the right message. Google TV has the targeting tools that can let you do just that.Google TV - Ad revenue and targeting

With Google TV you can do:

1. Audience Search. Determine the demography of your    audience. That includes not only age and income but interests as well.

2. Program Targeting. You can search for programs that match interests of your target audience.

3. Network and daypart targeting. If you know when your audience is more likely to be watching TV, or what network they prefer, make sure your ads show up then and there.

4. Interaction. With Google TV, viewers will be able to click on an ad if they want and go to a carefully designed landing page, just like they currently do on their computers.

5. Track and Measure. Knowing exactly how many watched your ads, and when and what interaction they conducted allows companies to adjust their television advertising so optimize their returns.

This works well from an audience standpoint. Going back to our auto insurance example, someone who is about to get their first drivers license is watching one of their favorite shows. During the ad break they see a commercial talking to them about how to get the best deal for their first auto insurance policy. They can even click to get more information, with a promise of additional savings. Pretty powerful don’t you think?

So what side of the fence are you on? Are you with the networks and think Google TV will ruin television as we know it? Are you with the advertisers and hope that Google TV will help improve their ROI? Or are you with the consumer who just wants to sit back and watch the drama unfold?