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How Bing can Help Digital Marketers with SEO

A Closer Look at the New and Improved Bing Webmaster Tools

bing-seo-webmaster-toolsBing is no longer an afterthought in search; as we noted in our recent blog on Bing paid search advantages. What’s more Microsoft is constantly making improvements to its Bing Webmaster Tools, which is a good thing for digital marketers who want better control of their search marketing and SEO.

Here are some updates that we find helpful.

Bing Crawl settings

The Crawl Setting feature has been upgraded to give users more flexibility. Now you can set the crawl faster during peak business hours and set it slower during off-peak. There are also some useful drag-and-drop functionality improvements in that your can use.



Bing Index Explorer

Bing has completely rewritten the Index tracker backend.  What they have focused on is:

  • Freshness
  • Performance
  • Extensibility
  • Reduced machine footprint
  • Stability and failure detection

Furthermore, new sites will have Index Explorer data the moment they sign up. We like that!

bing webmaster tools index resized 600

Bing User and Role Management

As a digital marketing agency we need access to multiple accounts and websites. But almost no one has only one site these days, even if you are a small company or individual. One of the improvements we like with Bing Webmaster Tools is that site owners can now grant better access to other users for their site: that includes granting administration, read and/or write, or read only access. There is also the option of allowing users partial access to parts of your sites, such as sub-domains or folders.

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Bing Self Help Guides

Last but not least are the new self-help guides. These detailed how-to documents cover a wide range of topics that go beyond just the how to use Bing Webmaster Tools. They offer recommendations on search engine optimization, with how-tos on link building, URL parameters, redirects and more.

So have you had any experiences using Bing’s updated Webmaster Tools? What do you like about these features?