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Monday Morning Social Media Quarterback – Super Bowl Social Brand Scoreboard Snapshot

All the pundits are voicing their opinions about the winners and losers of this year’s Super Bowl ads. These monday morning media quarterbacks have already assigned touchdowns to some and negative yards to others. That’s all well and good, but for us their score should not be based on subjective opinions.

With all of the potential measurements that are out there, as a digital marketing agency we think it’s time Super Bowl ads were judged on the online playing field. That’s why we’re in the middle of crunching the numbers for ymarketing’s Super Bowl Social Brand Scoreboard report which will measure the impact of Super Bowl ads on social media, brand awareness and Internet traffic.

And what better time than this Super Bowl, which scored the best overnight metered TV ratings (47.9 household rating/71 share) since the 1987 Super Bowl.

While our report won’t be ready for a few more days, for you couch potatoes out there here are some tasty snacks of data that you can munch on.

Social Media Activity – Facebook likes and Ad Meter Ratings

Is there a relation between a focus group and social media activity?  Here is snapshot we took Monday around noon Pacific time of the top 5 commercials that received the highest Ad Meter scores* and the corresponding Facebook ‘likes.’ 

Top 5 Rate Commercials for Super Bowl 2011



Story Line / Title of Ad

*Ad Meter Scores

Facebook Likes

1 Bud Light Dog Sitting Party 8.35 840
2 Doritos

Pug Goes for Chips

8.35 2,000
3 Volkswagen Young Darth Vader  7.95 2,000
4 Doritos Housitter Brings Back Grandpa from Ashes                   7.68 1,000
5 PepsiMax Love Hurts Can to the Head 7.56 1,000

Super Bowl 2011 Social Media and Ad Meter Ratings ymarketing

* Here is how Ad Meter works – USA Today carefully selected 282 adult volunteers in Bakersfield, CA, and McLean, VA. and electronically charted their second-by-second reactions to ads during the Super Bowl. Volunteers used handheld meters to register how much they liked each ad and  a computer continuously averaged the scores. 

So what does this snapshot tell us? Not that much except that the focus group’s higher scores generally had more Facebook likes (The numbers are still changing, so to see the most current, go to the USA Today site).

To get a better idea, you need to look at a lot of numbers. Let’s look at some numbers for one brand.

BRAND: Chevrolet

 FREQUENCY- YouTube Video Views

Chevy had 12 Super Bowl Ads with the higest viewed video receiving of over 350,000 views for the Chevy Cruze. Here are the results in a snapshot.




1 Misunderstanding Cruze 354,483  
2 Miss Evelyn Camaro 291,095  
3 Al’s Chevy Dealearship Camaro 252,409  
4 Facebook Status Cruze 290,483  
5 Tommy Silverado 195,892  
6 Discovery Volt 175,918  
7 Glee See the USA 54,233  
8 Chevy Runs Deep 58,225  
9 Socket Fuel – Volt 45,539  
10 Remote Control Cruze 26,859  
11 Glee Behind the Scenes 26,466  
12 Clean Energy Volt 12,921



Right below are real-time conversations taking place on the Chevy brand online right now.

Chevy post super bowl 2011 internet activity
Here is a snapshot of the overall internet activity for Chevy over the last week. The spike in activity was on Feb 6th Super Bowl Sunday.

chevy internet 1 6Feb
A snapshot of the hour by hour activity on Chevy today Monday February 7th.

chevy internet activity post super bowl sunday 2011

These views and numbers show clearly that there was increased buzz about the Chevy Cruz, demonstrating initially that the ads had a positive impact on their potential buyers.

This is the kind of information that we will be looking at when we write out Super Bowl Social Brand Scoreboard report.

We’ll see how much a call to action (like those from the GoDaddy TV ads) caused an increase in web traffic and social media chatter. 

What were your favorite Super Bowl 2011 commercials? What was it about them that was appealing to you?  To see them all take a look at them on YouTube’s adblitz Channel