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Social Media Marketing: Men are from YouTube and Women are from Facebook

Social Media - Men and Women
Action News: Men don’t have the same social media behavior as women.  Well, duh.

It would actually be news if both sexes acted similarly in social media, as though our behavior suddenly becomes “the same” when entering the web.

In scouring the web for stats on how the habits of men and women, and boys and girls differ in the social media landscape, we found some interesting differences.

For example, according to  the Forbes’ article What Men And Women Are Doing On Facebook women are more likely to be found on the biggest social networking sites (MySpace 64% women, Facebook 57%, Twitter 57%, Flickr 55%).  Men are most active on Digg, YouTube and LinkedIn.

As a digital marketing agency, our interest is not so much in the numbers but in how the two sexes use social media.

The Manly Profile for Digital MarketersMen and Television Social Media Habits

  • Men use social media as an interactive rolodex, storing contacts and leveraging social media for broadcasting their ideas and skills (Forbes).
  • Men are more likely to use social networking sites for dating (PsyPost).
  • In fact 65% of men think it’s fine to date people they’ve met on Facebook compared to 50% women (Oxygen).
  • But men can be ruthless on social media. 24% of men have broken relationships via Facebook, compared to only 9% of women (Oxygen).
  • Men are more forthcoming in sharing information about themselves and less likely to report setting their profile to private. (PsyPost)
  • Men are more likely to have more than one social networking account (57% to 50%).
  • With the exception of Facebook, men are more likely to use social media accounts at least a few times a week, particularly Twitter (GigaOM). 
  • Men spend a lot more time watching online video than women (Comscore). 

Social Media NetworkThe Womanly Profile for Digital Marketers

  • Women like to use social networking to make connections and share items from their personal lives (Forbes).
  • When seeking advice on social sites, women get more personal. They don’t mind sharing the ups and downs of their daily lives (Forbes). 
  • Even though more men than women own mobile devices, when it comes to social activity, women social network 10% more than men (Neilsen).
  • Women love Facebook. Here is what they like to do. (Oxygen)
    • 21% of women age 18-34 check Facebook in the middle of the night
    • 63% use Facebook as a networking tool
    • 42% think it’s okay to post photos of themselves intoxicated
    • 79% are fine with kissing in photos
    • 58% use Facebook to keep tabs on “frenemies”
    • 50% are fine with being Facebook friends with complete strangers
  • Women spend 30% more time on social networking sites than men (Comscore)
  • Younger women are leery about putting certain information on Facebook, with 89% of them saying “you should never put anything on Facebook that you don’t want your parents to see.” (Oxygen)  Judging from a previous stat, that must mean that a lot of them don’t mind having their parents see them drunk.

In Common (sort of) for Digital Marketing Purposes.

When it comes to social media reaching online users,the two sexes are fairly close.  In North America social networking reaches 91% of women online, compared to 88% of men, not a big difference (Comscore).That’s great news for social marketing.

That 3% difference is probably men who prefer to watch all of their video in front of the tube instead of on YouTube. That could all change when Google TV makes an impact on the market.

Do any of these stats ring true to you? Do you behave like your social sexual stereotype? What are your preferred social media channels? Let us know.