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yWeekly news: April 4th

y.marketing.colorSearch Engine Optimization

Google has modified the knowledge graph to add a share functionality, along with a globe next to a company URL.

The share feature allows you to easily share the search result on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ or email the link to a friend.  It also provides a custom URL for sharing on other networks.

The globe next to the website is likely designed to make the URL more visible.

This adds a new ability to share knowledge graph items everywhere, increasing user engagement with the Google SERPs.

Source: https://www.seroundtable.com/google-knowledge-graph-panel-share-feature-globe-21855.html


Digital Intelligence

Recent blog post to track Fitbit activity in Google Analytics!

The measurement protocol within GA can be used to track or translate various activities; sending data to GA can allow the blending of various events to provide a holistic picture of user activity

Blog post details a reliance on the service IFTTT (If This Then That): a way to use digital signals to alert an individual, track offline behavior, etc.

Metrics related to goals, calories burned, sleep, drinks and music can all be tracked inside the same GA profile as well!


Note: the service Last.fm, which is illustrated in the blog post to track music, no longer connects to IFTTT

Source: https://www.datarunsdeep.com.au/blog/track-your-life-in-google-analytics/


Performance Media

Google is complete redesigning AdWords! The new platform will make it easier to navigate and use.

Google last updated its platform in 2008. AdWords was initially designed to run in a desktop world. Then new platform will be more Display, Shopping, Mobile and Video friendly

There will be no functionality changes.

The platform is expected to be fully released by the end of 2017. Google will be reaching out to Advertisers for testing and feedback

Source: http://searchengineland.com/adwords-redesign-first-look-246074


Social Media

To help marketers better understand how their ads are doing in the auction, Facebook rolls out Delivery Insights in Ad Manager to help create better performing ads.

It will give insight to why the ad set [targeting level] is underperforming and offers recommendations to optimize targeting for better performance. This feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks and can be found in the “Delivery” column at the campaign & ad set level, and a tab under “Tools” in Ads Manager.

Facebook’s algorithm is a complex… mystery. So getting insight, especially from the horse’s mouth, can really help brands become competitive in the ad auction.

Source: http://marketingland.com/facebook-delivery-insights-how-ads-compete-auction-170018


Display Media

Pandora’s Ad Business and New Developments

Pandora appointed a new CEO, CFO, COO, and CPO to help direct its advertising future, which includes programmatic audio.

Although Pandora’s user growth has stalled, it has increased its ad revenue. This is partially due to its 80 million users, which allows them to talk to advertisers about scale, engagement, and a premium ad serving environment.  In addition, there have been developments regarding Programmatic Audio and utilizing user data to cross-device match.

As technology advances, audio advertising will become a key component in our display advertising campaigns. This can best be utilized in conjunction with mobile to reach new audiences with our messaging.

Source: http://adexchanger.com/ad-exchange-news/after-the-shakeup-key-facts-about-pandoras-ad-business/