yWeekly news: August 10 - ymarketing
yWeekly news: August 10


Search Engine Optimization

Google Map Maker is now helping users find duplicate local listings more easily.  By searching for business info, verified and non-verified listings will now display in the tool giving you the opportunity to clean up duplicates that are unclaimed.

Duplicate local listings can cause issues with local SEO efforts and overall placement. This new feature will be useful for clients like Clark Pest where we are heavily local focused and are constantly trying to manage the various local listings for the client.



Display Media

Instagram Will Pass Google, Twitter In Mobile Display Ad Revenue By 2017

eMarketer predicts Instagram will earn $595 million in ad revenue this year and $2.81 billion by 2017 (10.6% more than Facebook’s total 2017 ad revenue). Instagram is now opening up a lot of pent-up demand. It will start selling ads — including direct response ads with links to “Shop Now,” “Install Now,” “Learn More” or “Sign Up” to all interested businesses. It will also give advertisers the ability to use Facebook’s powerful targeting tools to place ads on Instagram.



Digital Intelligence

IBM Watson capabilities are being used to infer psychographics.

“The IBM Watson Personality Insights” builds a psychographic profile based on text data via blogs, tweets, forum posts, e-mails, etc. The snippet usually needs to be greater than ~100 words

With companies building more advanced algorithms and techniques focused on regressions, classification and similarity matching for predictive outcomes, the ‘human’ element can be lost quickly (i.e. Thick data)

Marriage of qualitative and quantitative information creates a great 1-2 punch for marketers. Competitors will be leveraging the technology on top of pre-existing capabilities for more refined targeting.



Performance Media

Google recently announced it is investing in new ways to help people discover apps with Search Ads on Google Play. Search is one of the biggest drivers of app installs in the Play Store. Google will be innovating on new technologies to simplify campaign management and improve measurement for developers.

Google Play reaches more than 1 billion people on Android devices in over 190 countries. Search Ads on Google Play help developers drive more awareness of their apps. They also provide consumers new ways to discover apps that they otherwise might have missed.



Social Media

Instagram has officially switched on its advertising API (application programming interface).

Before, advertisers would have to purchase ads by contacting an Instagram rep, which meant Instagram advertising was mostly limited to those willing to make big investments. Now, with an opened API – marketers can plan Instagram campaigns alongside other digital ads and cross-promote, plan and monitor their Instagram marketing activity.

Just in June, Instagram announced that all of FB’s ad targeting tools will be opened to Instagram advertisers and also launched a “Shop Now” button and other messages for advertisers to link outside the app (currently, Instagram does not push out links).