yWeekly news: August 18 - ymarketing
yWeekly news: August 18


Search Engine Optimization

The first eye and click study on the new 3-pack for local results in Google has just been published.


The key findings of this study were that “organic was the clear leader with the #1 organic result generating 39.5% of total clicks.” Adding, “while 39.5% of the click-throughs on the organic result went to the firm’s website directly, only 6% of the local clicks resulted in one click visits to the firm’s website.”



Display Media

Headway Digital launches NativeWay, its new Native Ads tool suite. The new platform combines native display, video and mobile advertising solutions via programmatic buying

NativeWay will offer marketers considerable benefits over traditional banners, including enhanced user experience, higher viewability, measurably better engagement rates as well as a boost in the number of organic installs of mobile apps.

NativeWay offers performance and brand marketers the ability to target their ideal consumers wherever they are in the digital universe via Native Display/Video/Mobile Ads – dynamically displays a marketer’s ad to fit the look and feel of each publisher site.



Digital Intelligence

R2D3 is a group that has created a ‘Visual Introduction to Machine Learning’

The link below walks a visitor though a basic example and shows a step-by-step approach of what happens when a machine ‘learns.’

With data driven attribution for Adwords coming soon, a host of attribution vendors claiming to use machine learning algorithms and data science techniques becoming ever more popular, it behooves end users to be familiar with basic concepts.



Performance Media

AdWords Drag-and-Drop Report Editor is officially rolling out!

With the Report Editor, you can build out custom pivot tables and charts by dragging and dropping dimensions and metrics. You can start by filtering dimensions before starting to build your report, or you can wait until it’s built to segment, sort and filter the data shown. A drop-down enables you to switch between visualization formats including table, pie, bar or line charts.