yWeekly news: August 25 - ymarketing
yWeekly news: August 25


Search Engine Optimization

Google expands site links on mobile SERPs.

John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst said that “a desktop site is no longer necessary.” Shree Vaidya, head of SEO at Engage Interactive, believes this Google update is along those lines, to an extent. He thinks the expanded site links are more about device unification than prioritizing mobile over desktop, however.

Beyond device unification, Vaidya thinks expanded site links on Google are about staying ahead of the curve. Like the Knowledge Graph and Maps, the latest update to the SERPs creates an improved mobile user experience, eliminating, in Google’s eyes, the need to use other search engines.


Display Media

The Content Marketing Platform Livefyre Enables Ads In Comment Threads

Publishers now have the option to insert ads right into the comment threads on their sites. It lets publishers sell inventory using their current ad system. This tool empowers publishers to monetize their on-site engagement by offering premium ad inventory.  Ad formats can be Display or Sponsored social posts


Digital Intelligence

Snowden leak documents revealed incredibly close relationship between AT&T with the NSA to help spy on the Internet. AT&T provided complete access to their Main Data Stream, which includes Cable Landing Areas (transoceanic fiber optic lines), and all internet backbone traffic. Relationship goes as far back as 1985 (phone calls, long standing relationship)

AT&T installed an “NSA Room” at key data centers in the country for complete and unabridged access to all internet traffic in the country and most nations outside the US as well.

–        Blind sweeps, which is unconstitutional

–        Included complete tracking on all communications at the UN Headquarters

–        Issue has not gone away, and is spurring a new industry, most notably with Encryption & Security/Privacy:

–        Tracking at forefront (Do Not Track)

–        Secure Email (ProtonMail)

Makes it more difficult for us marketers to do our jobs.



Performance Media

Google has announced that those that manage Google Shopping campaigns will now have a slew of new bidding options in AdWords.  These new targeting options include maximizing clicks, leveraging Enhanced CPC and optimizing for ROAS.

Managers who run Google Shopping can now leverage the same bidding options that are available for keywords on their shopping campaigns. This has the potential to be a gain from an efficiency standpoint since managers can test out each automated bidding option and leverage the one that provides the largest return.



Social Media

A new PEW report was released on social media habits of Americans. http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/08/19/mobile-messaging-and-social-media-2015/

The report confirms a lot of what we already know about millennials, Facebook and the rising use of message apps, but the data reveals “the noteworthy and rapid emergence of different kinds of communication tools serving different social needs.” Some of the main findings released this week were that young adults LOVE messaging apps. Just under half of the 18-29 demo pool reported using these apps. 67% of internet users are smartphone users. Facebook is still king of social media, but Pinterest and Instagram doubled its usage since 2012. 59% of Instagram users are on the platform daily, 2nd to Facebook with 70% of its user on the social network daily. 35% of Instagrammers visit the platform multiple times a day.