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yWeekly news: December 7

y.marketing.colorSearch Engine Optimization

In November 2015, Schema.org release 2.2 took place.

Some notable changes took place with this release including the additions of:

–        branchCode to represent codes identifying business locations.

–        homeLocation and workLocation as subproperties of Location.

–        Barcode as a subtype of ImageObject.

–        GeoCircle as a subtype of GeoShape, geoRadius, geoMidpoint.

–        postalCode and addressCountry are now an expected property for GeoShape and GeoCoordinates.

–        countryOfOrigin property to Movie, TVEpisode, TVSeason, and TVSeries. And more.

“On-page markup helps search engines understand the information on web pages and provide richer search results.” – Schema.org

Schema was adopted by all 3 major search engines back in 2011 and is helping search engines to become intelligent graphs of information. Staying up to speed with the new features and options being made available to us through the Schema.org syntax is critical for us to stay ahead of the curve.



Digital Intelligence

GA blog has a post titled: Progressive builds a Better Mobile App with Google Analytics Premium

The post highlights how the insurance company used Google Analytics Premium, Google Tag Manager and BigQuery to improve app utility

It’s always elucidating to see how other organizations utilize certain digital products and how effective any strategic implementation of tracking and analytics  ultimately is

However, on the surface it seems like many of the improvements could have been achieved outside of any sophisticated product implementation:

–        Pinpointing where users crash on their app experience

–        Changing the lockout experience for app users


Performance Media

New Metric features from Google

–        Store Visits

–        Ability to view visits at Keyword or Ad Group level

Provides a way for retailers to measure offline ROI from online data. Advertisers can use insights from store visit data to decide which products are driving consumers to their stores


Social Media

Facebook launches live streaming and collages.

The Battle for Breaking News: Every major social media channel is currently focused on making their platforms the source of “news in real-time

Live streaming can be great for event type marketing and awareness. If done correctly, it can activate huge followings and provide branding opportunities

The more that social channels want to focus on being the “real time news” angle, the more brands need to adapt their thinking and shift their content to still be favored with what audiences are looking for as well as algorithm changes.


Display Media

AD Fraud, Pirated Content, Malvertising, and Ad Blocking are costing $8.2 Billion a Year.

IAB  reports that the costs will only get worse unless a strategy is laid out.

Over half this amount lost ($4.4 billion) is derived from “non-human traffic” or bot fraud. These are impressions that advertisers pay for but don’t represent contact with real consumers.

IAB has issued a “call to action”, asking industry leaders to step in and contribute to combatting this type of corruption.

This article continues serves as a reminder to be vigilant in our practices against bot fraud. As we continue to utilize ad verification through IAS on all of our buys, it is imperative that we investigate any suspicious data sets that we pull to keep the bots at bay.



Programmatic Buying Can Save Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital Outdoor channel is advancing with the help of programmatic buying.

Digital Outdoor advertising has long been a tedious process of relying on humans to input codes and set campaigns up. With Trading automation, brands can buy slots automatically on a screen-by-screen basis.

In addition, the implementation of cameras on the screens can provide increased behavioral data on the audience that is viewing the advertisement, and inform dynamic advertising decisions. Offers in malls can be tied to store inventory and serve dynamic ads based upon this.

As the Digital Outdoor channel evolves, we will continue to observe it, identifying if it can be a viable channel for our clients.