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FEBRUARY 22, 2016

yWeekly News: February 22nd

By: ymarketing

Search Engine Optimization

Google confirmed that over the weekend of January 9-10 they released an update to their core algorithm. 

Initial rumors suggested this was the latest Penguin update, but Google later advised this wasn’t the case.  Additionally, Google announced in a separate statement from their PR team that the Panda algorithm is now part of their core ranking algorithm.

These kinds of updates are important to track and monitor to see what kind of impact, if any, they have on client websites.


Digital Analytics/Insights 

FiveThirtyEight, one of the best-known proponents of analytics in politics, has released a cool series of interactive maps called the “Facebook Primary”

The maps visualize Facebook likes garnered by the major presidential candidates across both parties—down to the county level

FiveThirtyEight’s team is a leader when it comes to making complex datasets easily understandable to an audience of laypeople.

As we seek to do that same thing for our clients, these sorts of visualizations are good examples of how to do it, and do it well.

Currently, FiveThirtyEight also has interactive data visualizations available for Presidential primary forecasts, NBA predictions, and the 2016 Oscars; they’re all worth checking out if you have a moment


Performance Media

Google AdWords has a mobile app

  • DoubleClick does not

The new Google AdWords mobile app allows advertisers to make high level campaign/account adjustments & optimizations on-the go

Social Media

Facebook Canvas: Allows advertisers and businesses to tell their story in a far richer and more immersive way

Built for mobile to load up to 10x faster than standard mobile web, it can be formatted any way you like to tell the story you want to tell

This is important for brands because this provides far more creative freedom for the business to express themselves in interesting and unique ways. This offers business a way to separate themselves and a far more engaging experience for the user.


Display Media

Time Inc. Acquires Myspace-Owned Viant. This deal creates a potential quality ad environment that rivals Facebook’s and Google’s  

Viant has access to 1.2 billion identified registered users. Time Inc. has more than 90 brands. Their offerings now include a massive database of identified first-party customers plus premium ad inventory space.

Although Facebook and Google currently dominate the ad market, now Time Inc. can provide a viable option for first-party customer data and premium ad inventory. For our Display team, this can be useful for planning campaign strategies moving forward.


MAY 18, 2017

Interview: Brian Yun

By: ymarketing

MARCH 9, 2017

yValues: Caring

By: ymarketing

FEBRUARY 23, 2017


By: ymarketing