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MARCH 8, 2016

yWeekly News: March 8th

By: ymarketing

Social Media

Twitter’s new algorithmic timeline became available globally.

The new timeline will show a compilation of the best tweets that users missed while they were away from the service. These tweets will appear at the top of the timeline in Twitter’s apps and on the web.

How it’s relevant?

This is important for brands as it still allows marketers to reach their followers even if they are not online, if they typically interact and are interested in the brand.  It places even more importance on brands to put out good engaging content that their target demo will interact with and share.

Twitter announced this morning a new customer service tool, prompting customers to engage with companies via direct messages.

They also launched a way for customers to offer feedback after such an interaction. Businesses can now add a deep link to Tweets that displays a call-to-action button, prompting users to send a direct message.

How it’s relevant?

Customer service on Twitter has grown 2.5x over the past two years, making these tools vital in allowing brands to better talk with customers via Twitter.  This allows brands to more deeply connect with clients and place an ever-expanding importance in social media as a customer service tool offering each client interaction the opportunity to build brand affinity.

Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Console Search Analytics data is stuck… 

  • Google has confirmed this is an issue and data hasn’t updated since 2/23/16

How it’s relevant?

This issue is impacting the pulling of monthly search console data for SEO and may also delay monthly reporting for clients if not resolved soon.

Digital Intelligence

DCM has turned on “Data-Driven Attribution” models, powered by Adometry!

How it’s relevant?

Previously, the only attribution models available in DCM were a handful of simple, pre-set models such as last click, time decay, and linear attribution, along with the ability to customize each of these with user-set interaction weights

Now, each parent advertiser is eligible to create one intelligent, data-driven model, utilizing the Adometry algorithm

All you have to do is “Create new data-driven model,” select your key conversion(s), and turn it on; it’ll take a week to learn, then it will be ready to use

Source: http://doubleclickadvertisers.blogspot.com/2016/02/enable-better-decisions-with-data.html

Performance Media

Google has spoken about its recent change in eliminating right rail ads on the search engine results page.

How it’s relevant?

They are showing no impact on CPCs, but they are using an incredibly high-level, macro view, so it doesn’t focus on competitive terms.

Total number of ads that can possibly be shown on a page went down from 12 to 7.

This change better mimics mobile results which is the direction they are always headed.

PLAs (The Shopping image ads) are still being shown in the right rail as they have seen success there.

Display Media

TubeMogul is rolling out an automatic make-good program on fraudulent traffic.

This creates a streamlined process and standard for advertisers to receive the credit for all fraudulent traffic.

How it’s relevant?

Previously, when fraudulent traffic occurred, an ad agency would have to express that these were due a certain amount of impressions/monetary credit. Then, the vendor would verify and finally issue the make-good through updating the invoice or insertion order.

This new program automatically provides a credit to their clients’ invoices for all video impressions it buys on the open exchange delivered by non-human/bot traffic. This not only makes the process more convenient, but it would provide us with 100% non-fraudulent impressions.


MAY 18, 2017

Interview: Brian Yun

By: ymarketing

MARCH 9, 2017

yValues: Caring

By: ymarketing

FEBRUARY 23, 2017


By: ymarketing