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I know they can be interesting, but is blogging necessary for my business?

Yes, you should blog. No, you shouldn’t “wait” to see if this trend catches on. Blogging is already huge, with over 110 million unique blogs being tracked by the #1 blog directory, Technorati.

Aberdeen Group reports that there are 1.2 million new articles of content created and posted every 24 hours. “This phenomenon is creating a new generation of ‘brand influencers’ who collectively shape brand perceptions and purchase decisions as consumers turn to “peer‐to‐peer” sites as their trusted source of news, information and opinions.”

Do blog posts count as much as pages on a website?

Why create blog pages in addition to regular web pages? Actually, from an SEO perspective, there isn’t any difference and it doesn’t matter. Whether you create 100 web pages for your site or 100 blog articles, you’ll have about the same impact on search traffic, since every page (blog or web page) you can draw traffic from search engines.

However, there are some significant reasons why you should definitely blog:

  • Fresh content draws more frequent “crawls” by the search engines
  • Unique content is weighed very favorably by search engines
  • Personal connections are what forms community and creates a following
  • Authenticity separates you from the crowd, and a blog allows you to be real and authentic inside a company setting

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We highly recommend you follow a proven 5-step process to launch and promote a blog, and we’ll share that valuable information with you at no cost. Just request the document (right) and we’ll send you a PDF.

Remember: The hardest part about blogging is getting started, so make the decision, get launched and keep writing.

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