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Inbound Marketing Funnel GraphicOnline Marketing Optimization (or “OMO”) is our term for the holistic, 360 degree focus on all aspects of a digital marketing program. A typical OMO engagement begins with an OMO assessment (available at no charge to qualified companies), and consists of the following business objectives:

1. Driving Free Traffic: Increasing the visibility and “search-ability” of a client’s website to drive increased natural site traffic (SEO),

2. Increasing Search Equity: Leveraging partners, free and low-cost directories, and social media sites to create inbound links to increase “search equity” within the search engines,

3. Improving Conversions: Enhancing the forms, landing pages and store locators (as applicable) to better motivate visitors to engage with our clients and capture more site visitors as leads,

4. Creating Community: Becoming a thought leader in a space by creating an online community of interest to nurture relationships with prospects and existing clients, eager to learn more about the various solutions, knowledge and services our clients offer, and

5. Building a Marketing Machine: Creating an ongoing program that is manageable, measurable, proves profitable and is sustainable over the long-term.

Are your marketing efforts producing the Return On Investment (ROI) you are expecting? We do Online Marketing Optimization (OMO) on a daily basis for our clients who range from Fortune 50 companies to small businesses.

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