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PPC Paid Search Engine Marketing is a quick and effective way to generate website traffic and increase sales. Some call it direct mail 2.0 or inverse direct marketing, as it has the ability to precisely target individuals and generate high response and conversion rates, but at a fraction of the cost (and waste) or its paper-based brethren.

While search engine marketing consists of both paid and natural search or SEO, when it comes to Pay-Per-Click marketing our 10+ years of experience managing ROI-driven eCommerce and lead generation programs and delivering business success is second to none.

ymarketing develops and manages all aspects of a paid search campaign, ensuring that our clients are only bidding on keywords that generate the highest ROI. This includes the following PPC services:

  • Campaign setup
  • Keyword list creation
  • PPC search engine account setup(s)
  • Creation of search engine listings
  • Landing page selection (and/or development)
  • Conversion tracking software integration (and/or setup and implementation)
  • Daily/weekly bid management
  • Real-time ROI / sales conversion tracking and reporting
  • Addition of new listings, testing and optimization
  • Weekly sales analysis / conversion tuning
  • Weekly reporting, executive summary and recommendations

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