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Search-Engine-MarketingNo matter how you slice it, search engine marketing is probably going to be your most cost effective and efficient marketing channel, regardless of your business or industry. If it’s not, then you may be missing an opportunity to grow your business through the search channel.

Our search engine marketing services include both paid search, or PPC Pay-Per-Click, as well as natural search engine optimization, or SEO. When we perform both services for clients we can help them fully leverage the power of each channel. Paid search allows your to target tens of thousands of words, and prove hyper-tracked quick returns on ROI. Conversely, natural search keyword targets need to be more selective and reporting measured over the long term. Both can focus on the long tail, but with SEO you’ll also need to connect your search strategies to blogging and content marketing as well as social media marketing efforts in order to succeed.

Are You Taking Advantage of the Bing PPC & SEO Opportunities?

According to comScore, the search alliance of Yahoo and Bing combined represent 30% of the U.S. online search market. Bing not only serves its search results on Yahoo!’s portal, it also has 14.1% search share itself; and rising fast (back in April of 2010 Bing had only 9% of the search market).

Read our recent blog about PPC Advertising on Bing and learn how digital marketers should funnel as much PPC budget as they can, or as much as Microsoft’s network can handle, toward Bing because:

  • Bing PPC costs less
  • Bing-Google Platforms are similar
  • Recent Bing platform improvements
  • Greater Ad Flexibility on Bing
  • Chance for improved Sales & Conversion rates.

We also have a recent blog on how Bing Webmaster tools can help digital marketers with their SEO efforts.

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