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On average there are 1,157 videos viewed on YouTube every two minutes (Source: Online Video passed email and web search in popularity in 2008 with over 10 billion views a month in December of 2008 (Source: Google).YouTube alone accounts for over 76 million unique user, viewing over 15 pages on average, returning almost 6 times a month.

So… what’s the problem?

Visibility. As a business, how do get “seen” amidst all that clutter. Unless you’ve got Kobe Bryant or Will Farrell as your pitchman, it is very tough to get noticed. And just getting noticed by the mass audience isn’t really going to do you any good.

Get Found. The specialists at ymarketing can work with your video content, index and create appropriate meta data, and work on submitting your content to many video outlets including niche-targeted video channels where your prospects may be more likely to be found. But most important, we will get your video content “seen” by the search engines; critically important as Google started to display video results along with natural search results on its main page in late 2008, as seen in the example below.  

Google returns video search results within natural search results

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